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UK PM Theresa May Wants EU to Respect the United Kingdom and Its People

she expressed her frustration about the Brexit negotiation with EU and warned of consequences if EU failed to respect the Referendum.

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Nationalist PM Shinzo Abe wants A Sovereign Japan

The nationalist prime minister of Japan Shinzo Abe won a historic third term by a landslide election victory. He secured  553 out of a total 807 votes seen as a sign of rising popularity of Japan Nationalist movement. The outspoken PM of Japan already criticized the military presence of the USA in Japan and now wanted to […]

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Record 7.86 Percent GDP Growth of Bangladesh Economy in 2018

In recent years Bangladesh witnessed record economic growth. Under the leadership of nations founder Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s Daughter Sheikh Hasina, Bangladesh is aiming for the Digital transformation of its economy and development in key SDG Human Development indicator. The Awami League lead government is giving highest priority to developing the energy sector. Now 90 Percent population […]

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Booming Energy Sector of Bangladesh : 90 Percent Have Access To The Elctrecity

Bangladesh witnessed rapid growth in GDP and United Nations Sustainable development goal indicator in last eight years. With a 285 Billion dollar GDP, Most of rural Bangladesh is now under electricity. According to the Bangladesh Power development Board Bangladesh now have sixteen thousand megawatts electricity generating capacity. The allocation for the power sector in the annual […]

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