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When Google launched Nearby Share in 2020 , Android users across the globe were thrilled. It was finally an app that could compete with Apple’s AirDrop and was a straightforward method of moving files between devices, without having to add them to an email , or transfer them onto Google Drive just to download the files again on a new device.

For a long time, Google has required the recipients of shares to agree with it. This is an excellent idea for security reasons and trolling however it is a hassle in the event that all you need to do is transfer photos from your smartphone to your laptop that is in another room. The new seamless sharing feature only works on devices that are running Nearby Share enabled, are physically near to you and are signed into the Google account. Any other users not connected to your account will need to accept every share that comes from your device.

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Share apps or files via Nearby Share. Files with Google Help

You can transfer and receive files and apps using Android devices that are near by.

It is important to note that this feature might not be available in your location. You might still see this sharing flow even though you are running the most recent version of the application. This feature is accessible for Android 6.0 and up.


Learn to send files to devices in your vicinity with these instructional videos in English

If the receiver’s device is Nearby Share enabled on Files by Google

If the receiver’s device isn’t Nearby Share enabled on Files By Google

To turn on Bluetooth, connect your Android device, switch on Bluetooth. From at the very top then swipe down.Tap Bluetooth

Switch on LocationFrom to the upper left of your screen scroll down.Touch and hold Location. If you aren’t able to locate LocationTap Editor Settings, drag Location into your “Quick Setting.”

On your Android device Open Files with GoogleAt on the left hand corner, tap MenuSettingsScroll to turn on Nearby ShareTurn on Nearby Share


Google’s Nearby Share may finally be the AirDrop rival it was intended to be.

Share Share Tweet Share email Self-Share was discovered in the most recent Google Play Services release, and won’t need approval. Although it’s a great feature Nearby Share has not become the AirDrop rival within the Android and Google ecosystem that we wanted to see. The giant G hasn’t given its faith in the technology but they have upgraded it with group sharing capabilities in the last year to increase its utility. The company appears to be in the process of launching a second improvement to Nearby Share to make sharing files between your devices much easier. It’s called Self Share this feature was first discovered being used in the beginning of January . While it’s not yet being released but it’s available in the most current release of Google Play Services.

The Esper’s Mishaal Rahman was among the first to be spotted The upcoming Nearby Share feature will allow you to share files between devices connected to that same Google account, without having to first approve the sharing. The device Visibility option of Nearby Share will gain a new Your Devices section to facilitate this. This is precisely the way AirDrop functions in Apple’s ecosystem to share files between devices connected to identical Apple ID. No additional confirmation is required for the transfer to be completed.

In the moment, even sharing files between your devices that are signed to that same Google account, you have to authorize the sharing on the recipient device before you can begin the process of transfer. This step is required to prevent the entire process of sharing files from being seamless. In addition to photos and files You can also make use of Nearby Share to share apps downloaded on your smartphone together with different Android devices.


The Google’s AirDrop rival, Nearby Share, is being upgraded (3 minutes of reading)

Google’s Nearby Share feature is getting an updated self-share mode that allows users to share files between their devices by tapping. The feature will only share files between devices physically near to the user and logged to your Google account. Other devices are still able to receive files via Nearby Share, but they will need to agree to every request for files. There is no date for release yet for this feature.

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Google is ready to enable Nearby Share update to keep up with AirDrop Digital Trends

Google has reportedly added an auto-share feature in Nearby Share that will make it easier for users to transfer data wirelessly between devices that use one Google account. Nearby Share is the closest the Android ecosystem has ever come to having its own AirDrop competitor, however it’s not as user-friendly like Apple’s wireless file-sharing service.

The reason is the need to obtain permission for each transfer even if you are sending images between your devices via an existing shareable Google account. Esper’s Mishaal Rahman has discovered an updated “self-share” mode in Nearby Share that will add an additional Your Devices toggle to the visibility settings.

“Self-share” mode of NearbyShare’s “self-share” mode lets you share files instantly with other devices that have Google’s Google account, without having to sign off on the sharing.

The rollout hasn’t been completed as far as I can tell however it’s available in the most recent Version of Google Play Services.

— Mishaal Rahman (@MishaalRahman)

This feature is included in the most recent version Google Play Services, but it’s not available to users as of yet. When it’s activated users can transfer data between two devices connected to one Google account without the need to approve every transfer.

Self-share will make the whole process more efficient and close to becoming a real AirDrop competitor. Nearby Share will soon begin to depend on Google accounts similar to how AirDrop uses Apple ID.

It’s not like Google does too many things wrong however. When compared with AirDrop, Nearby Share already has a unique trick up its sleeves — tapping to initiate the process via NFC. If you want for the transfer of files to two devices that are NFC enabled, simply launch Nearby Share on one of them , and then tap it on to the rear of your other handset. The two phones will pair instantly however the actual file sharing will still occur via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi similar to how AirDrop does.

For the most important concern about its launch the answer is that Google hasn’t revealed any information. However it is believed that it is expected that the Google I/O conference is only two weeks away and if the past is an evidence, the smoother Version of Nearby Share will be announced at the Google developer event. It is believed that both the much-anticipated Pixel 6a and Pixel Watch may be present at the event.


Google Nearby”Share” to Access “Self-Share”; AirDrop For Android?

Google Nearby Share will get an enormous upgrade over the next few months. Self-Share will let you share files seamlessly to your other devices in a single touch. It could be as effective as AirDrop for iOS.


Google’s Android feature release for March updates. Messages pictures, messages and parking

Google on Thursday unveiled an important Android feature update which will enhance a variety of experiences within the operating system, without the need for an entire Android update. The feature drops consists of a number of significant improvements to the apps or functions accessible in your phone. This means that they can be installed on all kinds of Android devices with app updates instead of the full OS release.

The primary focus of the release of the Android release is the Messages application, which gets several useful new features and a new method to handle iMessage’s reactions. However, it’s not all about that. Android Team has been working on other exciting enhancements, including the ability to blur any image from any device, paying for parking using Google Assistant, and use Live Transcribe offline.


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