12 Tech Stocks to Buy Now – The Motley Fool

The stock market has bounced back from its lows, and you are asking yourself, “Which stocks should I buy now?” This is my time to shine! I have a dozen stock picks for you to explore. These tech stocks have been beaten down from recent highs, and I believe they are opportunities to accumulate as long-term investments at these levels and lower using dollar-cost averaging.

In the video below, I provide the following stock picks:

Nvidia will hold their annual GTC conference next week, and we expect it to be an important event for the company and the technology industry. Nvidia has been a dominant force in the semiconductor industry for years and will likely have a lot of things to announce.

Zscaler offers customers a comprehensive security platform as a cloud service, which means lower cost and complexity than old school, traditional gateway methods. Zscaler’s global infrastructure brings internet gateways closer to users all around the world, creating a faster and more streamlined experience.

The company enables highly scalable work-from-anywhere cloud security. I believe Zscaler is a top cybersecurity stock to own for the next five to 10 years, and the recent sell-off creates a buying opportunity.

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