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If you consider The Great Lakes State home, you may be eligible for the homeowners insurance policy. These policies will not only meet your mortgage lender’s specifications, but they could also protect your home and you with financial security that is extensive.

The Home Media reviews team have evaluated the best homeowners insurance providers that serve Michigan and compared their rates, coverage discounts, customer reviews and other information. Check out the top homeowners insurance companies in Michigan and receive estimates on your house.

Five of the best insurance companies for homeowners in Michigan

After conducting extensive study After extensive research, our Home Media reviews team found the following to be Michigan’s most reliable homeowners insurance companies:

According to an investigation from 2021 by the Insurance Information Institute (III) the annual average cost for homeowners ‘ insurance Michigan was $981 annually in the year 2018. The figure is lower than the average national cost of homeowners insurance that was $1,249 and also significantly less than the average of some states’ cost.

The rates of insurance for homeowners differ based on the location, square footage , and other variables. For a personalized estimate, you can use our no-cost tool below.

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Lemonade home insurance

  • Our score: 85.75
  • AM. AM. Best Rating*N/A
  • J.D. Energy rating **:

The company is a bit newer than other insurance companies that we have reviewed, Lemonade is changing the game with its innovative policy on insurance coverage. The company employs artificial intelligence to give quick quotes and simple claims process using its mobile application and website.

Lemonade has not been included in the latest J.D. Homeowners insurance report by Power and does not has any AM Best rating available. However, a majority of its most positive consumer reviews posted on Better Business Bureau (BBB) focus on its quick claims procedure, which is what places it at very top of our list of. Lemonade declares that its aim is to cover simple claims, like theft of personal property, immediately.

The website of the company offers a detailed FAQ page which explains its plans, discounts, endorsements and plans. It is possible to find out what discounts and coverages are offered in your region when you receive an estimate.

Even though the company faces an Class-action suit regarding the alleged gathering of biometric data, we believe that Lemonade as an authentic and trustworthy provider with its charitable giving program, user-friendly website and sophisticated mobile app.

* All AM Best ratings are current in January. 19, 2022.

** All J.D. Power scores are current in January. 19, 2022.

Pros and cons Lemonade home insurance

+Offers less coverage than many providers in this review in general

+Has fast claim payouts on basic claims, like the theft of a computer

+ Contribute excess premiums to non-profit organizations at the end of each year.

Doesn’t offer flood insurance, but it could be a necessary additional policy for some Michigan residents to purchase

Doesn’t connect you to an agent in your area, thus limiting human service to customers through its AI-powered platformOur Pick for Fast Claims 4.3/5

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Coupons Lemonade offers discounts on security devices such as system for detecting leaks in water, alarms to fire, and sprinkler systems.

Endorsements Lemonade includes additional insurance coverages to protect against appliance failures and earthquakes jewelry, water backup bike coverage, ordinance/law coverage music instruments, art, and cameras.

Find your customized quote for home insurance by contacting Lemonade.

Allstate home insurance

  • Our score: 96.75
  • AM. Best Rating: A+ (Superior)
  • J.D. Power rating 829/1,000

Another company that scored very well in our test standards, Allstate is one of the largest insurance providers for auto, home as well as life insurance. It was founded in 1931, and has built an enviable image for the strength of its finances and excellent customer service.

Allstate is a AAA grade in Both AM Best and the BBB. It also received the most impressive J.D. power score among any company in this study, due to its 24-hour customer support and large network of agent throughout Michigan as well as across the nation.

The company also provides many endorsements, like garden and lawn coverage as well as protection of business property.

Allstate offers a variety of educational online tools which includes a tool which provides you with information about frequent and expensive claims that are based on the zip code you’re in.

Pros and cons Allstate home insurance

+Provides more savings than many homeowners insurance companies in this review

+Offers extended protection for roof repairs which is not the case with all providers.

+Locks in rates that have the Claim Rateguard endorsement regardless of whether you’ve filed a claim within the past year or not.

Offers only a limited amount of customization compared to rivals

Features higher rates than the other providers we review, as a result of comparing the quotes we received from different providersRATING:Our Overall Pick 4.8/5

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Discounts Allstate has a variety of discounts including a multiple-policy discount as well as a responsible payment discount, claim-free coupon loyalty and welcome discount, recent homebuyer discounts, Easy Pay Plan discount protection device discount, and an early-signing discount.

Endorsements Allstate offers a variety of additional insurance options, including identity theft restoration green improvement restoration manufactured/mobile homes water backup, home sharing garden and yard, schedule personal and business properties sporting equipment, musical instruments Electronic data recovery flood insurance, as well as the personal umbrella policy.

Get your personal Home insurance estimate through Allstate.

Insurance for home and travelers

  • Our score: 94
  • AM. AM. Best score: A++ (Superior)
  • J.D. Power rating 800/1,000

In 1864, the oldest-running company in this review is awarded An A-plus rating from AM Best in addition to the A rating from the BBB. Similar to Allstate, Travelers has local agents across the country and its claims center is available all hours of the day.

Travelers is the ideal choice for those who want a customized insurance policy with deductibles that are flexible. Travelers offers nine options for deductibles that range beginning at $1,000 and up to $50,000. The wide variety of deductibles lets you adjust your policy to your budget and choose what amount to cover out-of-pocket in the event of an insurance claim.

Travelers also offers an endorsement known as the Decreasing Deductible that cuts $100 off of your deductible at the time of renewal your insurance, even if you have filed an claim within the prior year.

The pros and cons of Home insurance

+Has been in the insurance business for homes longer than its rivals in this review.

+Does not require your Social Security number or phone number to request an estimate, however some companies require this information at the beginning of the process.

+ Claims center is available 24 hours a day, which allows you to submit claims even on the weekends.

Scored less than industry average for overall content on the J.D. Power survey

Provides less discount that Allstate, Lemonade and other providers reviewed in this review.Provides a Deductible Credit 4.5/5

Get Quote 844-204-3517

Coupons The Travelers offers the following discounts: multi-policy house buyer, security device, and green home.

Endorsements Travelers gives extra protection for personal property that is unique to you Additional replacement cost protection water backup and sump pump discharge, overflow, jewelry and other valuable items, identity theft, green home, and important personal items.

Get a personalized homeowners insurance quotation at Travelers.

Liberty Mutual home insurance

  • Our Rating: 90.75
  • AM Best Rating: A (Excellent)
  • J.D. Power Rating: 806/1,000

Although Liberty Mutual earned less than its competition within the J.D. Power study, it is able to get an A-grade rating by AM Best, which suggests that it’s likely to cover claims on time as it has promised.

Liberty Mutual has a full collection of financial products which include pet, home umbrella, life, and auto insurance. It’s our top recommendation to homeowners looking for savings and offers many discounts.

For example, Liberty Mutual lowers your premiums when you cover at minimum 100 percent of the value of your home or purchase a new insurance policy prior to when your current insurance expires.

The site of the company is easy to navigate, however, the process of quoting is long and requires more information about the house than other service providers. You can however help if you’re stuck, using a live chat option and educational blog posts.

Pros and Cons of Liberty Mutual home insurance

+Has live chat during the quote process, as well as the option of contacting an insurance representative over the phone should you have any questions

+Features 10% off when you purchase coverage on the internet

+ Inflation protection is provided that base the amount of coverage on inflation rates.

Earned an below-average J.D. Power score for customer satisfaction

Has more complex quote process than other competitors.Our Pick for Discounts 4.5/5

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Discounts Liberty Mutual has no claims, safe homeowner, newly purchased house early shopper, brand new or renovated home, multi-policy roof, insured up to the value, preferred payment, and paperless discount.

EndorsementsLiberty Mutual provides additional insurance for hurricanes, high-end jewelry complete replacement cost, the overflow and water back-up as well as inflation protection.

Find your customized homeowners insurance quotation by Liberty Mutual.

Farmers home insurance

  • Our Rating: 90.75
  • AM Best Rating: A (Excellent)
  • J.D. Power Rating: 813/1,000

The company was established in 1928, Farmers is an established company with A-grade rating of AM Best and the BBB. It’s also included in J.D. Power’s study of the top home insurance providers based on their the level of customer satisfaction.

Farmers stands out because of how customizable their coverage can be. While other providers estimate your personal property, and loss of use insurance on your behalf, Farmers allows you to modify the coverage amount for each and has a variety of limits on coverage and deductibles.

By adjusting the coverage amount and deductibles, you can alter the rates you pay and receive exactly the amount of protection that your home requires.

This website for Farmers is straightforward and clear it provides essentials about the three levels of policy discount and endorsements at one spot.

Pros and Cons of Farmers home insurance

+Provides more flexible deductibles such as residence loss of use, and personal property insurance than other providers.

+Offers up to 2 million dollars in risk insurance and is an excellent option for those with high incomes policyholders.

+ Offers a special discount for smokers who do not smoke, something that is not offered by any of the providers listed in this review offers.

Scored below the industry standard within the J.D. Power customer satisfaction survey

Can be more costly than competitorsCustomizable Plans 4.5/5

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Discounts Farmers provides the discounts below: multiline declining deductible, non-smoker affinity, e-Policyand roofing materials that have been approved by UL New home, protection device, home safety green certification, claims-free rent-to-own the preferred payment/EFT, and a good discount for timely payment.

EndorsementsFarmers also provides coverage to eco-rebuildings and mobile as well as manufactured homes, earthquakes, floods replacement cost coverage, and identity protection against theft.

Get a personalized Home insurance quotation through Farmers.

Which homeowner’s insurance company in Michigan is the best choice for you?

We suggest Lemonade for homeowners living in Michigan because of its low cost insurance, easy quoting procedure and fast claim processing.

But, all of the companies reviewed in this report passed through our thorough review procedure and has proven positives that are beneficial to Michigan residents. To find the most affordable rates and the most secure coverage from the best service for your needs we recommend getting quotes from at minimum three companies.

Request insurance quotes from insurance companies simply by typing in the Zip code in this form or by calling 855-948-519..

SuperlativeStar RatingLink
LemonadeOur Pick for Fast Claims4.3/5GET QUOTE
AllstateOur Overall Pick4.8/5GET QUOTE
State FarmOur Pick for New Homeowners4.8/5GET QUOTE
GeicoOptional Coverage4.8/5GET QUOTE
TravelersProvides a Deductible Credit4.5/5GET QUOTE
USAAOur Pick for Military Members4.5/5GET QUOTE
Liberty MutualOur Pick for Discounts4.5/5GET QUOTE

What factors influence the cost of home insurance in Michigan?

The cost of homeowner insurance is determined by the risk of your house is to insure.

In particular your insurance underwriters from your home insurer will examine the following elements:

  • location:The cost of home insurance can differ depending on the state and city. It’s partly influenced by the costs of building in the area. City dwellers are more likely to have higher rates than those who reside in rural regions. If you reside in an area that regularly is prone to weather-related dangers, like snow storms, it could influence your rates. The rates of crime could be affected in conjunction with the proximity to a fire station or the Police station, or the fire department.
  • Cost of replacement: Home insurance rates are determined by the amount it will cost to reconstruct your home using construction materials that are similar to the original. To determine the replacement cost the insurance company will conduct a survey regarding your home’s square footage and age, as well as the roof’s condition as well as the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and the design. Also, they will consider construction costs in the area where you reside.
  • Condition and age: To assess your home’s replacement costs and the possibility to file a claim the insurance company will take into account the condition and age of your home. Older homes typically are shabby plumbing systems and wiring, which could be costly to fix and replace. Because the style of architecture and the material choices change, it can be difficult to locate similar building materials to ones used in older houses.
  • Roof The insurance company for your home will inquire about the status of your roof’s replacement and the building materials you use when you request an insurance quote for your home. Some insurance providers provide discounts on home insurance for roofs that have impact or fire resistance materials, or for newly installed roofs.
  • History of credit: Like credit cards and lenders insurance companies use your credit history to assess the level of risk. If you have an unsatisfactory credit score (580 or lower) then you could be charged higher for homeowners insurance than someone with a better credit score. Homeowners with good credit ratings are thought as less likely to make claims in the near future.
  • History of claims: Your home insurance provider may also inquire whether you’ve filed an insurance claim within the last couple of years. Anyone who has filed recent claims may be subjected to higher rates for home insurance. This is not the only case those who haven’t yet filed claims could be eligible for claim-free discounts and credit for deductibles.
  • Security options: Anything you do to lower the chance of filing an insurance claim may bring you lower costs. Many companies offer discounts for safe-homes for installing security and safety measures in your home, like deadbolts, a safety system or security alarm, fire alarm , or sprinklers. Alarms for fire and burglary that notify local authorities when activated can bring even greater savings.
  • RemodelsWhile paint your bedroom might not affect the value of your home but finishing your basement or installing brand new kitchen cabinets could. If you are planning any renovation or remodeling which could affect the value of your home’s replacement is a good idea to notify your insurance company of the changes. These kinds of modifications can affect your coverage requirements and increase the cost of your insurance.
  • The policy structureThe amount of your dwelling and loss of use personal insurance for property and liability you select will also impact the cost of your insurance. The same goes for your deductible as well as any endorsements that you decide to add to your insurance. In addition, adding additional coverage for expensive jewellery or tacking on an endorsement for sump pumps overflow protection, for instance could increase the rates.
  • Trampoline/poolWhen you submit a quote, you might be asked if your property has trampolines or a pool. Both of these could increase the risks of liability resulting from accidents to your property. If you own either of these items, you should expect them to be included in the cost of your home insurance.
  • The breed of your dogYour dogs breed could be an additional liability concern that can occur when you are applying for insurance. Dogs that have a higher probability of being likely to attack people and cause severe injuries could be more costly to insure. Inquire with your insurance provider to find out which breeds can influence the costs of insurance. Your pet could be excluded from the policy’s protection.
  • Coupons Home insurance companies featured in this review offer discounts that could lower the price of your policy by anything from several dollars to hundreds. The majority of providers offer multiple insurance products and will offer you a discount by bundling your house as well as renters insurance policy with insurance for your automobile. Some offer additional discounts, such as Farmers non-smoker discounts.

Common reasons for home insurance claims in Michigan

A few of the most frequent reasons for homeowners to file coverage claims Michigan are related to weather, both in the summer heat and in the cold winter months.

Particularly, Michigan residents commonly file insurance claims against their home to cover the following:

  • Wind-related damage the coastal parts of Michigan can be hit by hurricane-force winds at times that can cause power outages or fallen trees as well as damages to windows and roofs.
  • floods:Michigan is also at an increased threat in flooding. flooding damage being the main reason for claims over the past few years.
  • Damage to water:Between snowstorms, ice and heavy rains, water damage can be an extremely common claim in Michigan.
  • vandalism/theft: Individuals who live in an urban area like Detroit have a higher chance of vandalism and burglaries that could result in property damage and expensive home repairs.

Luckily, home insurance will be able to cover wind-related damages and snow as well as unexpected water damages. Also, it covers theft and vandalism.

However, flooding is usually not covered by the standard homeowner insurance policies. Michigan homeowners are able to purchase an insurance policy against flooding through the Federal Government’s National Flood Insurance Program or through a private company like Allstate

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