Cleo Smith news — live: Kidnap suspect ‘in the hospital again’ as ‘hard police grind’

No one imagined that 4-year-old Cleo Smith would be found alive 18 days after she vanished. Police broke into a home in Carnarvon, Australia, about 50 miles from where she went missing, and found her alone. Cleo’s sleeping bag was taken from the multi-room camping tent in the early hours of October 16.

Police are trying to figure out if Cleo Smith was at the home where she was found during the entire time she was missing. Tracking Terence Darrell Kelly’s movements in the days leading up to her rescue in Carnarvon, Western Australia will be a key focus of the investigators.

The 36-year-old local man has not been released by the police but a detective told local media that he was known to them. They say that he isn’t related to the young girl’s family, but haven’t given any further details. A person who lives near the man said he was an oddball and that they saw him.

The man charged with abducting the girl was moved to a maximum-security prison in Perth for threatening a reporter. The Australian reported that he looked at a reporter directly in the eye and said, “I’m going to get out of here one day.I’m coming for you ‘

His arrest followed a massive search for Cleo after she vanished from her family’s tent in the early hours of 16 October at the remote Blowholes Shacks campsite in Macleod. The parents of Cleo said they were overwhelmed by the love and support they received during their search for their daughter. The pair thanked the people that helped with the rescue.

The man was said to be an oddball and that they saw him buying diapers on Monday. The child’s crying was not connected to the missing child according to another neighbor. The suspect, who appeared to have bandages on his head, was in the back of an ambulance after he was beaten by other prisoners while being held for questioning. The young girl will now undergo a series of medical checks and will be interviewed by detectives specialized in dealing with traumatized children. Police said in an interview early Wednesday that there will be more information coming in the coming days.

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