Coca-Cola recall: Throw out these sodas and juices immediately –

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The Coca-Cola Company has recalled Minute Maid products due to the possibility or foreign substance, in particular washers or bolts of steel according to Food Safety News.

Coca-Cola spokesperson Ann L. Moore, confirms that it is the Food and Drug Administration registered the recall as a Class 2 incident and that means contact with the beverage could cause temporary or irreparably adverse health effects. The chance of exposing consumers to severe adverse health effects is low with Class II recalls. However, consumers should be aware according to the FDA.

It’s not often that you get so many juices and sodas that are recalled from a massive corporation such as Coca-Cola. Of of course there are other recalls, like recalls like the Minute Maid recall and Coke/Sprite recall aren’t the only ones that you should be aware of now.

There are a few other recalls from the past that readers should be aware of. There are a few more in our previous report. Be sure to inspect your pantries, refrigerators, or medicine cabinets to find these potentially dangerous recalls.

It is believed that the Minute Maid products in the Coca-Cola recall were distributed across eight states: Pennsylvania, Connecticut, New York, North Carolina, Maryland, Virginia, Maine as well as New Jersey. Distributors may have sold 77,000 cases of the Minute Maid drinks in the states covered by the recall.

The recall was voluntary, as per Coca-Cola spokesperson Ann L. Moore, and is applicable to a restricted amount of chilled Minute Maid Berry Punch, Strawberry Lemonade, and Fruit Punch in 59 ounce containers.

The affected products were sold across Pennsylvania, Connecticut, New York, North Carolina, Maryland, Virginia, Maine and New Jersey, according to the Food Safety News.

The voluntary recall was initiated on November. 10 in affected stores and is almost done according to Moore.

However the expiration date for the product is extended to 2022. This means that people can keep it in their cupboards.

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