Elon Musk hurls insults at Elizabeth Warren over her criticism of his taxes, saying she’s like a ‘friend’s angry mom’ who randomly yells for no reason – Yahoo News

Elon Musk throws insults towards Elizabeth Warren over her criticism of his tax return, claiming she’s like a “friend’s mad mom’ that shouts without reason

Billionaire Elon Musk responded in response to Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s criticism of his tax-paying behavior on Tuesday.

He claimed that the Senator reminded him of his colleague’s “angry Mom” who would “randomly shout at people without reason.”

ProPublica earlier reported that Musk didn’t pay any federal income tax in the year 2018.

The TIME Person of the Year and wealthiest man on earth Elon Musk was on Twitter on Tuesday to react to Senator. Elizabeth Warren’s criticism of his tax-paying practices and advocate for changes in policy.

“Let’s alter the fraudulent tax code to ensure that The Person that Year actually pays taxes and stop taking advantage of the rest of us,” Warren initially wrote on Twitter.

Musk’s latest statement, Musk wrote: “You remind me of my childhood when I was a young person and my friend’s anger was a problem. Mom would shout randomly at people without a reason.” Warren is definitely a mom and also an Harvard Law School professor and the most prominent pro-growth voice.

He did not make any comments regarding tax reforms. Recent ProPublica investigation revealed that Musk, a billionaire who has a current worth of $250 billion, did not pay federal income tax in the year the year 2018. The policymakers such as Warren has been advocating for tax policies that will focus on the net worth as well as the assets of billionaires such as Musk who have the ability to employ legally-approved methods to avoid being in the midst of federal income taxes.

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