Germany’s Olaf Scholz takes over from Merkel as chancellor – BBC News

Olaf Scholz has been appointed the new chancellor of Germany, officially succeeding Angela Merkel after her impressive 16 years as Germany’s head of the country.

He said he would make every effort to make a fresh beginning for Germany.

After she quit the post of chancellor in Berlin to end her political career that lasted 31 years in Berlin, Mrs. Merkel advised her former vice-chancellor that she would approach the job “with joy”.

His center-left Social Democrats will govern alongside the Greens as well as those who favor business. Free Democrats.

Mr Scholz who is a soft-spoken, 63-year-old who led his party Social Democrats to election victory in the latter part of September. He positioned himself as a continuity candidate due to his key part within his position in the Merkel cabinet as vice-chancellor.

The German Bundestag, the parliament of Germany Bundestag and the Bundestag, supported his bid for chancellor with 395 votes to 303 and he was officially named the ninth federal chancellor by President Frank Walter Steinmeier.

Following the parliamentary vote He was then called upon to Bundestag Presidency Barbel Bas if he had accepted the post and replied “yes”. Then he took the oath however, unlike his predecessors – did not include the reference to religion “so help me God”.

Since the election, Mr. Scholz’s party has been working along with the Greens as well as The Free Democrats on a coalition agreement that was approved on Tuesday. All 16 ministers took an swearing-in ceremony on Wednesday, making it the first cabinet in Germany that includes more women than men.Image caption: Mr Scholz’s cabinet is comprised of the following seven members: five Greens, four Social Democrats and six Free Democrats. Social Democrats, five Greens and four Free Democrats

New government plans are ambitious to combat climate change, including phasing out coal earlier and focusing on renewable energy sources, however the first priority will be fighting the coronavirus pandemic.

Health authorities have registered another 69,601 patients in the past 24 hours . They also recorded another 527 deaths – the most since the winter of last year.

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