Goldman says buy this stock with exposure to Tesla and Rivian as EV market grows – CNBC

Goldman says buy this stock with exposure to Tesla and Rivian as EV market grows  CNBC


In light of the phenomenal price rise seen for Tesla stock in the past few years, some investors might think it’s too late to invest to the electric car (EV)-producing company, and expect similar gains to the ones seen in the coming years. Other investors aren’t worried at all and continue to buy more. The difference in opinions can be what make investing fascinating, with prices constantly changing and, sometimes, the analysis of stocks can be a bit difficult.

If you’re in the group of investors who think it’s probably too late to invest in Tesla however, you desire to be part of the increasing demand for EVs there are several appealing options to pick from that could provide gains that are similar to those of Tesla.

Let’s take a look at three of the top EV stocks that you can invest throughout 2021 or even after.

1. Nio

Nio (NYSE NIO) has made its own niche in the rapidly growing Chinese electric vehicle market. The third quarter of of 2013, Nio supplied 24,439 vehicles for sale on the Chinese market, increasing 100% year-over- the previous year. Nio’s October deliveries slowed however this was largely due to the upgrading of the manufacturing processes and preparations for the launch to new vehicles. Nio’s new orders continued grow throughout October.

2. Volkswagen

Investors often forget that the automakers of the past could be EV-related businesses. Although these companies were slow to adopt EVs in the beginning, most prominent old-fashioned automakers acknowledge this as an inevitable trend. Volkswagen (OTC Volkswagen AGY) has released ambitious plans to boost its electric vehicle deliveries to 20% of its overall sales by 2025, and to become a world leader in electric vehicles. In 2030, the company expects at least 60 percent of its sales within Europe to be electric vehicles.

3. Lucid Group

Lucid Group (NASDAQ: LCID) has surely attracted a lot of attention lately. On October. 30 the EV company began shipping its first vehicle known as Lucid Air Dream Edition. Lucid Air Dream Edition. It is a better model than the Tesla Model S in terms of battery power and performance. Lucid Air’s superior performance and stylish design have impressed both investors and car buyers alike. In the end, Lucid’s stock price has increased over 90% in the past month.

NIO A Chinese SUV expert

Chinese electric vehicle producer NIO (NYSE:NIO) is traded publicly since September 2018. However, various Initial publicly-traded offering (IPOs) of different Chinese electric car makerslike Li Automotive (NASDAQ:LI) and Xpeng (NYSE:XPEV) -has sparked interest from investors in NIO.

For the quarter that began in January 2021 NIO delivered just under 22,000 vehicles, which was nearly 400% increase year-over-year. Deliveries were just under 222,000 units in the 2nd quarter and the company anticipates to ship as high as 23,500 vehicles by the end of the final quarter of this year. NIO had to trim the estimate for the third quarter to 250,000 vehicles due to the constraints of its supply chain.

Nikola The Tesla killer who wasn’t

Trevor Milton founded Nikola to produce pure electric as well as hydrogen-electric vehicles. In addition to naming his company in honor of Nikola Tesla, Milton has been in the news for his ongoing feud against Elon Musk on Twitter (NYSE:TWTR). Nikola is also featured in news reports because it was listed on the stock exchange after merging with the SPAC, a special-purpose acquisition corporation (SPAC). The company started taking early orders in its Badger pickup, even though it did not expect to begin production until later in 2022.

If you are looking for diversification of your investment portfolio to the EV sector, and remain clear from controversy, one option is to purchase stocks of the following companies:

QuantumScape (NYSE QS) Manufacturer of lithium-based EV batteries.

Blink Charging (NASDAQ: BNK) Manufacturer of charging stations for electric cars.

Hyliion (NYSE Hyliion (NYSE: Hyln) manufacturer of EV drivetrains.

Velodyne Lidar (NASDAQ: VLDR) and Luminar (NASDAQ LAZR) makers of technologies for autonomous driving such as Lidar.

Ballard Power Systems (NASDAQ:”BLDP”) along with Plug Power (NASDAQ: PLUG) The developers in hydrogen-powered fuel cell vehicles technologies.

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