‘It just went chaotic’: Kim Potter, ex-Minnesota officer, tearfully testifies about killing of Daunte Wright – NBC News

Kim Potter is 49 and has more than 26 years experience working as an officer with the police.

Potter claims she mistook her handgun as a Taser when she fired the 20-year-old Daunte Wright at a road checkpoint at Brooklyn Center, a Minneapolis neighborhood in Brooklyn Center. The officer, along with other officials, which included a rookie who was trying to stop Wright as he attempted to return to his car, the video evidence shows.

The trial began on Dec. 8. Prosecutors on Thursday resigned on their arguments against Potter.

Potter was not done with her testimony. She stated that she has not received any complaints about abuse of power, or complaints by the general public. She estimated that the time spent training on the proper use of her service weapon, in comparison to a stun gun was 80% of the time devoted to handgun training.

“We spent a lot more time on firearms than we did on Taser,” she explained. Potter added that, when asked about her stun gun was carrying was designed to look as a gun, and was dark in its handle with a dark-colored top.

Potter stated that prior to the stop she did not have stun guns while in the course of her duty.

“I would take my Taser out on rare occasion, but I don’t believe I ever deployed it.”

Potter is accused of manslaughter in the first and second degree in connection with the death of Wright. Potter faces the possibility of 15 years of prison if she is found guilty on the serious charge.

The confrontation on April 11 between Potter along with additional officers of officers from Brooklyn Center Police Department escalated when they stopped a vehicle the witness testified about, following Wright 20-year-old Wright was asked to get out of the white Buick.

Potter stated that she had told Wright that he was in possession of an unenforceable warrant. The warrant was issued for weapon violation, she explained.

Wright was outside his car, and about be taken into custody, was pulled away from the police and attempted to get back in his vehicle, Potter said, which led to a fight between Wright and the then-Sgt. Mychal Johnson.

Potter Wright, a police veteran who testified at trial that Wright started looking to the shifter

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