Kentucky reacts to devastation after overnight tornadoes rip through commonwealth – Courier Journal

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Kentucky was struck by a storm overnight on Saturday when four tornadoes struck, including one that wiped out the majority of Mayfield and a few towns in other areas, tore into the commonwealth.

Family and loved ones gather outside the remains of a candle factory that was destroyed, killing dozens of workers inside after a deadly tornado ripped through Mayfield, Ky. early Saturday morning.  Dec. 11, 2021

The storm that is believed to have produced at the very least one storm in different parts of the South and Midwest forecast to cause destruction to the region through in the first hours of morning. It also caused damage to most of the western region of Kentucky, in addition to causing power disruptions throughout Kentucky.

Man who is on work release at the candle factory walks away from the hospital KSP states

A man working for MCP candle factory in Mayfield MCP candle manufacturing plant in Mayfield who was released at the Graves County Jail walked away from a hospital following treatment for injuries sustained by a tornado, Kentucky State Police said.

The month of May 2007 saw a tornado devastated 95 percent of the tiny town of Greensburg, Kansas. The scene of the town’s flattened ruins like what we see in the present from not only Mayfield as well as Dawnson Springs and parts of Bowling Green. “It’s Just like us, and everyone will need to step back and go at it day by day,” said Ray Stegman, director of emergent cy administration for Kiowa County. “That’s all you can do in rebuilding.” Greensburg has been in the news more recently, as city officials made the decision to rebuild using “green” technology, using solar, wind and geothermal power. Stegman acknowledged that the process was an extended process. People were forced to relocate to nearby communities, and then decide if they would like to build a new home in Greensburg. “It’s extremely difficult. you must start from scratch.”

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