Netflix stock plunges 35% after subscriber losses

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Netflix Price Drops by 35%, On Track for the largest drop in more than the Last Decade

This is the second time in the year, shares of the streaming company plummeted after it disappointed investors.

Netflix Inc. shares were set to have the worst day they have had in more than a decade following the streaming company reported it lost subscribers during the initial quarter.

The shares fell more than a third their value by Wednesday afternoon. The investors had hoped that the company would increase its number of new subscribers during the quarter. However, Netflix said it ended the first quarter this year, with around 200,000 less users than it did during the quarter that ended in fourth. It also stated that it was expecting to drop two million global subscribers during the next quarter.


What is going on?

In the letter it sent addressed to shareholders, it stated that since the launch of streaming in 2007 The company “operated with the conviction that on-demand, internet-based entertainment will replace linear TV,” But, it stated, in the short time “we’re not growing our revenue as quickly as it would have been.”

Netflix stated that the pandemic “clouded the picture by dramatically expanding our growth in 2020, leading us believe that the majority of the slowing in growth we saw from 2021 could be due to Covid pull ahead.”

There are numerous reasons for its stagnation in subscribers as well as competitors from traditional media companies which have entered the streaming market in recent times and

“In out of our 223 million pay subscribers We believe Netflix is shared with more than 100 million additional households which includes more than 30 million within the United States/Canada regions,” the company said.

It also blamed “macro elements” which are affecting a variety of businesses right now like “sluggish economic growth, growing inflation, geopolitical issues such as

The company’s negative report will likely to cause chaos in the market for streaming, considering that a lot of other companies have changed their strategies to rival Netflix.


The Key Facts

Netflix’s stock fell by 35% following the release of the first-quarter earnings report on Tuesday. The company’s revenue and subscriber growth falling short of expectations.

The streaming service reported quarterly revenues at $7.78 billion, an increase of 10% from the previous year (compared to $7.93 billion anticipated) However, what scared investors was the fact that Netflix dropped 200,000 of its subscribers worldwide in the first quarter of the year, well from the 2.7 million new subscribers expected.

And, worse yet, the company is expecting to lose an additional 2 million subscribers during the next quarter, and blames password sharing and the an increase in competition from other streaming services for the slowing of growth in revenue.

Netflix announced that its decision to suspend the service it offered in Russia caused the loss of 700,000 customers however, even without this unexpected event Netflix would have only made 500 new subscribers in the quarter.

In the wake of the recent drop in subscribers, Netflix now has some 221.6 million paying users worldwide This is less than 221.8 million in the fourth quarter of 2021.

Netflix Co-CEO Reed Hastings, meanwhile, has stated that the company is going to consider offering cheaper and ad-supported subscriptions in an effort to draw the attention of new users.


Netflix stock plummets after the first loss of subscribers in the last decade

Netflix’s stock plunged by more than 20% during trading after hours on Tuesday following the streaming company announced that it lost 200,000 subscribers during the first quarter of this year -the first loss of subscribers in the past decade. The company also fell short of expectations from investors in terms of revenue.

What’s the issue? Netflix’s stock has already fallen by more than 40% in the year to date and this was largely due to competition growing and slower growth projections for user growth from Netflix for the first quarter of this year.

Information: “Our revenue growth has been slowed significantly as our results and forecast below demonstrate,” Netflix said in the opening paragraph of its letter to shareholders, accusing it of its “relatively large household share” for causing “revenue increase headwinds.”

The numbers are in, according to CNBC:

EPS:$3.53 in comparison to $2.89 According to an analysis by Refinitiv of analysts.

Revenue:$7.78 billion versus $7.93 billion, as per an Refinitiv analysis of the analysts.

The bigger image: Netflix in March began to test cracking down on sharing passwords as a method to increase subscriptions.

On Tuesday, the company announced that, in addition to its customers who pay 222 million It believes that Netflix is shared with an additional 100 million additional households who aren’t using the services, which includes more than 30 million in Canada and the US and Canada the most lucrative markets.

Learn more … The Netflix’s profits during the past year:


Netflix looks at the ad-supported tier of its subscription as growth slows

Netflix on Thursday revealed that it’s weighing the possibility of offering a lower-cost and ad-supported plan for “the next one or two years” to increase its subscribers.

What is the significance of it The streaming subscription market gets more overcrowded, experts have suggested that an ad-supported service is the best way for Netflix to grow.


Netflix Plan Password Sharing Crackdown after Losing 200,000 Subscribers and Stocks

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Netflix Shares plummet 30% Following a massive subscriber loss (Bloomberg) — Netflix Inc. tumbled 39 percent on Wednesday, further extending an ebb that has put its sights on an erase of $60 billion in value after it revealed a drastic drop in the number of subscribers it has.

Source: (

What is going on?

In the letter it sent for investors stated that since it began streaming in 2007 The company “operated in the belief that on-demand, internet-based entertainment will replace linear TV,” But, it stated, in the short time “we’re not growing revenues at the rate would be ideal.”

Netflix claimed that the flu “clouded the picture, significantly expanding our growth in 2020 which led our to conclude that the bulk of our slower growth from 2021 could be due to Covid pull ahead.”

There are numerous reasons for its stagnation in subscribers as well as rivalry from conventional media firms that have entered the streaming market in recent times and massive share of passwords.

“In in addition to the 222 million paid customers We believe that Netflix is shared with more than 100 million households, which includes more than 30 million within the United States/Canada area,” the company said.

It also blamed “macro aspects” that affect many companies at the moment like “sluggish expansion of the economy, growing inflation, geopolitical developments like Russia’s incursion into Ukraine and the ongoing interruptions due to COVID could have an impact too.”

Netflix announced that the decision to pull out of Russia resulted in the loss of 700,000 customers.

The company’s poor performance will likely cause a flurry of controversy in the streaming industry, considering that many other companies have changed their strategies to be competitive with Netflix.

Disney For instance -one of Netflix’s major competitors — fell about 5% by the end of Tuesday.


Netflix shares plummet after losing 200k subscribers – CBS News

Netflix shares are plummeting following the streaming service’s loss of its first loss of subscribers for more than 10 years.

Netflix’s customer base dipped by 200,000 in the month of January to March which the company announced on Tuesday, when it announced its latest earnings report. Netflix’s stock price plummeted over 37% to $219.50 during the first trading session on Wednesday amid concerns about the slowing growth of the company and increasing competition.

UBS analysts lowered their ratings for Netflix’s shares to “buy” and changed it to “neutral,” citing fierce streaming competition markets, economic headwinds, as well as market saturation.

The decrease by subscribers marks the first time this has happened since Netflix was made available to the majority of the world, with the exception of China about six years ago. The decrease this year is due in part due to Netflix’s decision not to join Russia in protest of the conflict in Ukraine which resulted in the loss in 700,000 customers.

However, Netflix acknowledged its problems are deep-rooted and forecasted the loss of 2 million subscribers over the April-June timeframe.

Netflix posted earnings of $7.9 billion during the quarter and was a bit lower than Wall Street forecasts. The current quarter ended on July 31, Netflix announced it is expecting earnings of about $8 billion. Analysts interviewed by Zacks had predicted a revenues to be $8.2 billion.


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