Omicron map: Tracking the new Covid-19 variant around the world

The Covid-19 Omicron version is already making its way around the globe..Eight nations from southern Africa — seven brand new ones, plus one holdover are listed as the highest risk of travel by the CDC for Covid-19. These nations are in various travel bans all over the world due to the Omicron strain of coronavirus.

Beginning Monday the beginning on Monday, President Biden has announced the following travel limitations on non-U.S. citizens of the eight countries that follow:

  • Botswana
  • Eswatini
  • Lesotho
  • Malawi
  • Mozambique
  • Namibia
  • South Africa
  • Zimbabwe

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention put seven countries on the 4th level (highest danger of travel) on the 27th of November one day after the president Joe Biden made his announcement regarding traveling bans.

The new version, which the World Health Organization first declared on Friday has been reported in more than 12 countries at the time of writing on Monday. The variant was first discovered through South African scientists, omicron cases have been confirmed in Australia as well as Hong Kong to Canada.

Certain health officials and public health experts warn that travel restrictions by themselves could not be sufficient in stopping the spread of disease and may result in negative effects, such as creating xenophobia, and preventing nations from sharing the situation of the virus in the near future.

The virus was first discovered this week South Africa, where vaccination rates average 24%..

Omicron variant cases have been identified in Botswana as well as Botswana, United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Israel as well as Israel, the Netherlands, Australia and Hong Kong.

An WHO report published on Sunday stated that the omicron variant is many genetic variants. The agency said the variant is at an extremely high chance of expansion. However, the WHO stated that it’s not yet too late to know if omicron is more infectious, more deadly or is more sensitive to vaccinations than the previous Covid variants.

The United States, Japan, Israel as well as a few other countries have implemented travel restrictions for international travelers in response to the spread of the virus even though WHO has warned against such restrictions. WHO has warned against such restrictions.

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