Tesla shares surge after company hits record vehicle deliveries in 2021 – CNBC Television

Investors in Tesla, Inc. (TSLA), have received good news this year. On Jan. 3, Tesla, Inc. (TSLA) shares rose 10% to $1.163.63, after the company reported an 87% increase in annual vehicle deliveries to 936,000. The company shipped 308,600 vehicles in its last quarter 2021, compared to 180,667 a year ago.1 Analysts had predicted that the number would surpass 267,000 for the current quarter, and 897,000 for the entire 2021.


Tesla, the electric car manufacturer, saw its stock rise by more than 10% following fourth quarter deliveries that were above analyst expectations.

The company’s jump in vehicle deliveries is a sign of positive earnings.

Analysts revise their expectations for Tesla’s fourth-quarter earnings.

The recent fortunes of Tesla have been reversed by the Tesla share price jump. Tesla CEO Elon Musk sold stock towards the end of last years, which depressed the stock’s once-highly-flying stock market by more than 10%. This led to choppy trading patterns and a decline in stock prices. As analysts revise their earnings and price targets, the recent announcement regarding deliveries could signal a short-term rally.

An Impressive Fourth Quarter

Model 3 and Model Y vehicles accounted for the bulk of Tesla’s final quarter 2021 delivery volume. These models, which are cheaper versions of the pricier cars, made up more than 96% overall customer deliveries. The rest was made up of Model S and Model X vehicles.

Tesla’s delivery

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