Trade License Fee List -Dhaka City corporation & Comilla

Coffee House500Dhaka South City Corporation
Coffee House500Comilla City Corporation
Varieties of Dairy Products1000Dhaka South City Corporation
Varieties of Dairy Products1000Comilla City Corporation
Offensive Sounds1000Dhaka South City Corporation
Offensive Sounds1000Comilla City Corporation
Kacha Chamra Stock1000Dhaka South City Corporation
Kacha Chamra Stock1000Comilla City Corporation
Paka Chamra Stock1000Dhaka South City Corporation
Paka Chamra Stock1000Comilla City Corporation
Mat Retailer1000Dhaka South City Corporation
Mat Retailer1000Comilla City Corporation
Firewood Seller1000Dhaka South City Corporation
Firewood Seller1000Comilla City Corporation
Mat,Goalpata, Bamboo etc wholesalers(Stock)1000Dhaka South City Corporation
Mat,Goalpata, Bamboo etc wholesalers(Stock)1000Comilla City Corporation
Wholesale Firewood (Stock)1000Dhaka South City Corporation
Wholesale Firewood (Stock)1000Comilla City Corporation
Ice-Cream Manufacture2000Dhaka South City Corporation
Ice-Cream Manufacture2000Comilla City Corporation
Ice Manufacture1000Dhaka South City Corporation
Ice Manufacture1000Comilla City Corporation
lime Manufacture1000Dhaka South City Corporation
lime Manufacture1000Comilla City Corporation
Soap Manufacture1000Dhaka South City Corporation
Soap Manufacture1000Comilla City Corporation
Chita Gur Manufacture1000Dhaka South City Corporation
Chita Gur Manufacture1000Comilla City Corporation
Sonpapri1000Dhaka South City Corporation
Sonpapri1000Comilla City Corporation
Cloth Coloring1000Dhaka South City Corporation
Cloth Coloring1000Comilla City Corporation
Jute Stock Each Mon(37.50 kg)1000Dhaka South City Corporation
Jute Stock Each Mon(37.50 kg)1000Comilla City Corporation
Furnaces Oil2000Dhaka South City Corporation
Furnaces Oil2000Comilla City Corporation
Curd Manufacture1000Dhaka South City Corporation
Curd Manufacture1000Comilla City Corporation
Meat Stock2000Dhaka South City Corporation
Meat Stock2000Comilla City Corporation
Coal / Stone Stock2000Dhaka South City Corporation
Coal / Stone Stock2000Comilla City Corporation
Poultry Farm2000Dhaka South City Corporation
Poultry Farm2000Comilla City Corporation
Bone Stock1000Dhaka South City Corporation
Bone Stock1000Comilla City Corporation
Call Center2000Dhaka South City Corporation
Call Center2000Comilla City Corporation
Fashion House2000Dhaka South City Corporation
Fashion House2000Comilla City Corporation
ATM Booth5000Dhaka South City Corporation
ATM Booth5000Comilla City Corporation
Technical Training / Car Driver Training Center1000Dhaka South City Corporation
Technical Training / Car Driver Training Center1000Comilla City Corporation
Foreign Travel Training Centers1000Dhaka South City Corporation
Foreign Travel Training Centers1000Comilla City Corporation
Dies Repair1000Dhaka South City Corporation
Dies Repair1000Comilla City Corporation
Event Management Business20000Dhaka South City Corporation
Event Management Business20000Comilla City Corporation
Hosiery2000Dhaka South City Corporation
Hosiery2000Comilla City Corporation
Plastic Fibre / Kutcher Seller2000Dhaka South City Corporation
Plastic Fibre / Kutcher Seller2000Comilla City Corporation
Imitation Jewelry Makers2000Dhaka South City Corporation
Imitation Jewelry Makers2000Comilla City Corporation
Steel Item Manufacturer3000Dhaka South City Corporation
Steel Item Manufacturer3000Comilla City Corporation
Interior Decor Business5000Dhaka South City Corporation
Interior Decor Business5000Comilla City Corporation

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