Bangladesh Army Peacekeeping Documentary : VICE

Vice News covers Bangladeshi blue helmets paroling the lawless Sahara desert to keep the peace in Mali . The documentary show convoy was commanded by the Major Rafiq of Bangladesh army and Bangladeshi solder providing medicine and food to tribal people .

Bangladesh is one of the top UN peacekeeping forces . Widely respected and valued for their courage and professionalism .As of December 2017, there were 7,246 Bangladeshi troops and police personnel in 10 missions around the world . UN peacekeepers from Bangladesh work in some of the world’s hotspots, including the Central African Republic, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), and the Darfur region of Sudan. Above, peacekeepers on patrol in Bunia, Ituri Province, DRC. At least 132 Bangladeshi peacekeepers have made the ultimate sacrifice in the service of peace.

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