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Directorate General of Forces Intelligence – DGFI – History and Profile

The Directorate General of Forces Intelligence, commonly known as DGFI, stands as Bangladesh’s most influential intelligence agency, operating both within and beyond the nation’s borders. Its primary mission is to safeguard national security and uphold the paramount interests of Bangladesh. DGFI plays a pivotal role in ensuring the sovereignty and security of the country The […]

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Bangladesh Now Make Surface-to-Air Missiles (MANPADS)

Bangladesh started developing its first indigenously built man-portable air defense missiles system in its defense industrial complex. This MANPADS equipped with infrared seeker & resistance to flares. This portable air-defense system designed to engage low flying targets, it has a range of 6 km and a maximum altitude of 13000 Feet. The missile is capable of

Bangladesh Military News

3.87 Billion USD: Defense Budget of Bangladesh 2019-2020

Bangladesh Armed forces received 3.87 Billion dollar allocation for Defending the nation from the enemy what is 8.3% of its Total Budget. The size of Bangladesh GDP was US$ 72 billion in FY2005-06, which has now increased 4.5 times to US$ 302.4 billion. The size of the proposed budget for FY2019-20 is USD 62.28 Billion

Bangladesh Military News

Billion Dollar Submarine Base & Submarines to Add in Bangladesh Navy’s Inventory: 2019

Bangladesh government undertook a massive military infrastructure project for Bangladesh Navy to construct a heavily fortified navy submarine base in Bangladesh Cox Bazar district. According to various sources, Bangladesh Navy is going to construct a heavily fortified submarine base in defensive position beside Kutubdia Island channel, Magnama, Pekua Upazila of Cox Bazar . The submarine

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