Bangladesh Army recruitment circular on Indian govt portal – A insult to the sovereignty of Bangladesh

In june 2016  According to ISPR,, which mainly publishes advertisement on Indian government jobs,  published an advertisement in English about soldier recruitment in the Bangladesh Army.

A indian government job site   ” Karmakshetra ” publishing a Bangladesh army recruitment  advertisement on their website was not a sudden  mistake. The site karmakshetra who only published indian government job circular and  controlled by the indian government .

Publishing bangladesh army recruitment notice with wrong information in indian gov site –  rationally indicate bangladesh army a entity of indian government .

The Bangladesh army job posting in Indian gov site what belongs to sovereign Bangladesh . A insult to the national sovereignty of Bangladesh .  The job posting termed as  ” deeply motivated ” and  ” intentional ” by  Inter Service Public Relations Directorate  of Bangladesh .

The publication of the Army recruitment on Indian site went viral on social networks and sparked off a huge outcry among many Bangladeshis .

Later the India portal authorities   removed the circular from the site but still the publication rise question  what was the true intention of the posting .

Of course it was not a sudden mistake by the authority , it was pre planned and intentional  and a deep insult to a independent nation Bangladesh .

Following is the link of the Indian site:



It mentioned that the ISPR publishes such circulars only in Bangladeshi print media.

“Besides, the salary scale mentioned in the circular [published on the Indian government portal] is utterly unfounded. No information about the salary scale is given in the recruitment circular of Bangladesh army,” it added.


As we bangladeshi , we earned our independence with great cost and Bangladesh Army represent our defence and sovereignty,  such heinous act from  a foreign gov entity is strongly condemned . This intentional job posting will be marked as a deeply intentional event to insult our national sovereignty .


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