Billion Dollar Submarine Base & Submarines to Add in Bangladesh Navy’s Inventory: 2019

Bangladesh government undertook a massive military infrastructure project for Bangladesh Navy to construct a heavily fortified navy submarine base in Bangladesh Cox Bazar district. According to various sources, Bangladesh Navy is going to construct a heavily fortified submarine base in defensive position beside Kutubdia Island channel, Magnama, Pekua Upazila of Cox Bazar . The submarine base will be called BNS Sheikh Hasina. The new submarine base has a strategic position with deep-sea access throw Kutubdia Channel. the submarine base will have air defence system and Bangladesh army Establishment for its ground defence. The Base is One hour distance from Bangladesh Army 10th Infantry Division & 30 Kilometre from nearest Airforce Base.

Constructing or developing a submarine base is a Critical challenge for Bangladesh. According to various sources, the project will be complete after 2028 and will cost more than 1.2 billion taxpayers money for new submarines and Base. Bangladesh Navy also vowed to build its warships indigenously from its shipyards, 6 guided missile frigates at a cost of $1.6 billion. Chinese and Dutch shipbuilders have shown interest in cooperation with the Navy to develop state-of-the-art naval shipyard.

There are plans to procure up to three state-of-the-art diesel-electric submarines from China or Russia through a government-to-government contract with an estimated value of up to $1 billion by 2025. Bangladesh Navy purchased two Ming class submarine from China and planned to add more submarine from Russia or China. The Bangladesh Navy purchased two extensively modernized Ming class diesel-electric submarines from China, commissioned on 12 March 2017 worth $193 million. Constructing a submarine base is one of the most critically important projects for the security and operation of the submarine force.

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Navy receives final two Chinese-made Type C13B corvettes: Apr 29, 2019 

The Type C13B corvettes, the design of that is based on China’s Type 056-class corvettes, have a beam of 11 m, a draught of 4.4 m, a full-load displacement of 1,330 tonnes, and top speed of about 25 kt. Each of the ships has a complement of 78, including 60 crew and 18 officers.

Bangladesh Navy

Bangladesh Navy receives patrol boats from the US : May 6, 2019 

The fast-response Metal Shark boats are capable of reaching up to 35 knots and are large enough to operate in coastal and nearshore environments in various conditions . Rear Admiral Joey Tynch, commander, Logistics Group Western Pacific, presented the patrol boats.

Type 035 Chinese PLAN attack submarines

CARAT 2018 Bangladesh Navy

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