$100 Million Dollar Radar Upgrade for Dhaka Airport

Recently French defense equipment giant Thales Group was awarded 100 million dollar contract for Dhaka Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport, Air Traffic Management system including Advance radar and surveillance system. The company will set up a Communication, Navigation and Surveillance Air Traffic Management (CNS\/ATM) system with a multi-mode radar .

The Thales ILS 420 is the principle navaid system for safe airport landing providing lateral and vertical guidance for precision approach and landing . Thales TRAC NG is an L-band Radar for en route Air Traffic Control.TRAC NG is a high performance en route radar which combines long range, altimetry, windfarm impact mitigation and good small target detection range
Under the CNS-ATN project, primary and secondary radar, WAM, ADS-B, ATS centre upgrade, control tower building, VHS, extended VHS, HF, master clock, RCAG, recording system, and VCCS will be installed.

Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport (HSIA) started its operations in 1980. It was set up on 1,918 acres and it operated and maintained by the Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh (CAAB). Its operate average 250 Flights. The airport handled 9.1 million passengers every year. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina Lead government decided to take on the important project to modernise the air traffic management system in 2012 through a Private Public Partnership\n(PPP) .


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