Bangladesh Received 3.61 Billion Dollar Foreign Direct Investment in 2018

As Bangladesh expected to achieve 8.0% growth in 2019 and 2020 – Its received 3.61 Billion dollars Foreign investment in 2018 an increase of 67.94 percent from a year earlier. The Energy sector recived the highest amount of FDI of $1.01 billion, the food at $729.69 million, textile and weaving at $408.08 million, leather products at $110.55 million and trading at $101.91 million , banking at $282.54 million, telecommunication at $219.87 million . The payment of $1.47 billion by Japan Tobacco Inc. to purchase Akij Group’s tobacco business

Foreign Direct Investment in Bangladesh 2018Export Processing Zone ( In Million USD) Various Buisness ( In Million USD) Total ( In Million USD)
FDI inflows312.53300.83613.3
Equity Capital26.861097.271124.13
Reinvested earnings221.861087.251309.11
Intra-company Loans63.781116.281180.06
FDI in Bangladesh By Year 2015 ( In Million USD) 2016 ( In Million USD) 2017 ( In Million USD) 2018 ( In Million USD)
Total FDI inflows2235.392332.722151.563613.3
Equity Capital696.67911.38538.91124.13
Reinvested earnings1144.741215.391279.421309.11
Intra company Loans393.98205.95333.241180.06
FDI stock classified by Major Countries and Major Sectors as on End of Dec, 2018Gas & PetroleumTextile and WearingBankingPowerTelecommunicationTotal FDI Stock
United States of America (USA)2717.5249.18167.67190.886.743448.95
United Kingdom (UK)443.151005.8229.050.372003.99
China People’s Republic (P.R)165.59965.880.251439.16
South Korea871.7282.020.081122.86
Hong Kong: SAR of China466.3968.132.915.01833.44
Taiwan: Province of China88.48326.4
Sri Lanka54.97175.4245.41321.01
British Virgin Islands236.742.81320.55
Saudi Arabia0.01193.66235.16
United Arab Emirates (UAE)2.628.3338.687.030.19204.46
Other Countries73.87355.4854.342.16-95.74783.15
Total FDI Stock3699.253276.22128.71992.491019.2717061.63

The government is working with the BIDA to introduce one-stop service with a view to enhancing the ease of doing of business in Bangladesh, said Salman F Rahman, prime minister’s adviser on private industry and investment.

By next year the government wants to improve in the World Bank’s ease of doing business ranking and move below 100. It has set a target to improve the rank to below 50 within the next two years, he said.

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