Bangladesh Highest Taxpayer in 2019

Every year Bangladesh National Board of revenue (NBR) honor top taxpayer of the country . This year 141 taxpayers was awarded tax card and crest for paying the highest amount of income tax in 2018 -2019 . 74 individual & 57 companies win top taxpayer awards from NBR . Bangladesh’s tax-to-GDP ratio is 9.2 percent. 68 percent of the people with taxable income do not pay any tax .  Bangladesh yearly tax revenue is $25 Billion USD .

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Top Taxpayer Senior Citizen

Top Taxpayer Senior Citizen in Bangladesh 2019
a) Golam Dastagir Gazi Founder & Chairman GAZI GROUP
b) Khandaker Badrul Hasan
c) Anita Chowdhury Square Textile Ltd

Large taxpayer Unite

The large Taxpayer Unite covered 56% of the total realised VAT in Bangladesh . 170 large businesses including tobacco manufacturers, mobile operators,, banks and pharmaceuticals

Large taxpayer in Bangladesh 2019
a) British American Tobacco Bangladesh
b) American Life Insurance
C) Sadharan Bima Corporation
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Top Taxpayer Businessman in Bangladesh

Kaus Mia, who has been topping the list of top taxpayers in the businessperson category, since 2010 . Kaus Mia pays Tk 43-45 crore in income tax .

Top Taxpayer Businessman in Bangladesh 2019
a) Kaus Mia
b) Syed Abul Hossain
c) Kamrul Ashraf Khan

Top Taxpayer Salaried Person in Bangladesh

Top Taxpayer Salaried Person in Bangladesh 2019
a) Mohammad Yusuf
b) Khaja Taj Mahal;
c)MA Haider Hussain
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Top Taxpayer Banking

Top Taxpayer Banking in Bangladesh 2019
a) Islami Bank Bangladesh
B) Standard Chartered [Bangladesh]
c)National Bank

Top Taxpayer Non-banking Financial

Top Taxpayer Non-banking Financial in Bangladesh 2019
a)Infrastructure Development Company Ltd
b)Investment Corporation of Bangladesh
c) IDLC Finance Ltd
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Top Telecommunication Company Taxpayer

Grameenphone has become the highest tax payer in the the telecommunication category of the country again .  GP has paid Tk 73,085 crore to the national exchequer since its inception . Grameenphone paid Taka 150 crore this year .

Top Telecommunicaticn Company Taxpayer -2019

Top Taxpayer Engineering

Top Taxpayer Engineering in Bangladesh 2019
a) Bangladesh Machine Tools Factory
b) Khulna Shipyard
C) BSRM Steels Limited

Top Taxpayer. Food and other

Top Taxpayer. Food and other in Bangladesh 2019
a) Nestlé Bangladesh Limited
b) Olympic Industries Limited
C) Square Food & Beverage
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Top Taxpayer Energy

Top Taxpayer Energy in Bangladesh 2019
a) Titas Gas Transmission and Distribution Company Limited
b) Meghna Petroleum Ltd.
c) Gas Transmission Company

Top Taxpayer Jute Industry

Top Taxpayer Jute Industry in Bangladesh 2019
a) Akij Jute Mils Ltd
b) Janata Jute Mills Ltd
c) Super Jute Mills Ltd

Top Taxpayer Spinning and textile

Top Taxpayer Spinning and textile in Bangladesh 2019
a) Coats Bangladesh Ltd
b) Badsha Textiles Ltd.
c)ACS Textiles Ltd.

Top Taxpayer Medicine

Top Taxpayer Medicine in Bangladesh 2019
a) Unilever Bangladesh Limited
b) Square Pharmaceuticals
c) Incepta Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
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Top Taxpayer Print and Electronic Media

Top Taxpayer Print and Electronic Media in Bangladesh 2019
a) Mediastar Ltd.
b) East West Media Group
c) Transcraft Limited

Top Taxpayer Real-Estate

Top Taxpayer Real-Estate in Bangladesh 2019
a) Rangs Properties Ltd
. b)Equity Property Management Ltd
c) Bay Developments Ltd

Top Taxpayer Ready-made Garment

Top Taxpayer Readymade Garment in Bangladesh 2019
a) Young Wane High-tech sportswear Industry Ltd.
b) Rifat Garments Ltd.
C) GMS Composite Knitting Ind. Ltd

Top Taxpayer Leather Industry

Top Taxpayer Leather Industry in Bangladesh 2019
a) Bata Shoe Company (Bangladesh) Limited
b) Apex footwear Ltd.
c) Atlas footwear Ltd.
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Top Taxpayer War-wounded Freedom Fighter

Top Taxpayer War-wounded Freedom Fighter in Bangladesh 2019
a) Abu Saleh Mohammad Nasim
b) SM Abdul Wahab
c) Al Mamun Sarker

Top Female Taxpayer

Top Taxpayer Female in Bangladesh 2019
a) Rubayat Farzana Hossain
b) Laila Hossain
c) Hosne Ara Hossain

Top Young Taxpayer

Top Young Taxpayer in Bangladesh 2019
a) Nafis Sikder
b) Gazi Golam Mortuza
c) Mehedi Hasan
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Top Taxpayer Doctor

Top Taxpayer Doctor in Bangladesh 2019
a) AKM Fazlul Haque
b) Pran Gopal Datta
c)N. A. M. Momenuzzaman

Top Taxpayer Journalist

Top Taxpayer Journalist in Bangladesh 2019
a) Mahfuz Anam
b) Muhammad Abdul Malek
c) Matiur Rahman

Top Taxpayer Lawyer

Top Taxpayer Lawyer in Bangladesh 2019
a) Sheikh Fazle Noor Taposh
b) Mahbubey Alam
c) Nihad Kabir

Top Taxpayer Engineer

Top Taxpayer Engineer in Bangladesh 2019
a) Rezaul Karim
b) Shah Mohammed Hannan
c) SM Abu Sufian
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Top Taxpayer Architect

Top Taxpayer Architect in Bangladesh 2019
a) Foyez Ullah
b) Rafiq Azam
c) Golam Azam Sizar

Top Taxpayer Accountant

Top Taxpayer Accountant in Bangladesh 2019
a) Moktar Hossain
b) Manjurul Alam
c) Muhammad Faruque

Top New Taxpayer

Top New Taxpayer in Bangladesh 2019
a) Matiur Rahman
b) Syeda Jamila Begum
c) Mirajul Islam
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Top Taxpayer Athlete

Top Taxpayer Athlete in Bangladesh 2019
a) Tamim Iqbal
b) Shakib Al Hasan
c) Mashrafe Bin Mortaza

Top Taxpayer Actor/Actress

Top Taxpayer Actor/Actress in Bangladesh 2019
a) Anisul Islam Hero
b) Farida Akhtar Babita
c) Shakib Khan Rana

Top Taxpayer Singer

Top Taxpayer Singer in Bangladesh 2019
a) Tahsan Rahman Khan
b) SD Rubel
c) Momtaz Begum
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Top Taxpayer Other in Bangladesh 2019
a) Showkat Ali Chowdhury
b) Akhter Matin Chaudhury
c) Nazrul Islam Mazumder
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