USD 7.61 Billion Dollar For Railways, Power & Army: ECNEC January – April 2019

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina lead government allocated more than 7.6 billion dollar development project in the first four months of 2019. Most of the development allocation was for electricity and Railway.As this government put emphasis on energy and communication this will further boost the capability of this Nations overall growth.

From this 7.6 billion dollars 2.2 billion dollars was for railway and 2.6 Billion Dollars for electricity Rest of them is various infrastructure development project. Bangladesh Army got 155 million dollar allocation for development  Of infantry Brigade name 99th composite brigade. the development of the new brigade is for safety and security of Padma multipurpose Bridge What includes 20 Engineering Construction Battalion 58 East Bengal Regiment and 34 Bangladesh infantry regiment.  This new brigade will host more than 109 commissioned officer 2223 non commissioned officer.

For the development of a dedicated economic zone for Japanese investor in narayanganj got 303  million dollar allocation, Another dedicated economic zone for Indian investor received 207 million dollars. The new electricity Grid line will add 19.5 lakh power connections by extending rural electrification.
The conversion of the existing Akhaura-Sylhet 225-kilometer meter gauge railway to Broad-gauge will farther boost the capability of Bangladesh Railway.

Summary of ECNEC Meeting from January 2019 to April 2019

 ECNEC Meeting Date   22-Jan-2019 In Correr  Taka   Type of Project 
Demra (Sultana Kamal Bridge) highway in to four-lane project 368.87 crore Road and Transport
Chollisha(Bagra)-Kunia-Medni-Razurbazar Link Highway Project Taka 257.21 crore Road and Transport
Eradication of PPR Disease and control of Hand-Foot-and-Mouth Disease 345.03 crore Agriculture
roduction and marketing of nutrition enriched high-value crops to alleviate poverty 206.35 crore, Agriculture
Development of existing 7 textile vocational institutes and establishment of 6 textile vocational institutes 353.90 crore, Education
Museum building extension and construction of other physical infrastructures of Bangladesh Folk Art and Craft Foundation Taka 147.26 crore Infrastructure
Extension of Gopalganj BSCIC Industrial Estate (3rd Revision) 102.83 crore, Economic Zone
Construction of 9 narrow bridges and replacing 9 dilapidated bridges with RCC/Girder bridges on Gobindaganj-Chatak-Doarabazar road 111.77 crore. Road and Transport
total of 8 projects    
Rangpur division power distributions line and substations extension and rehabilitation project byNorthern Electric Supply Company (NESCO) 3,192 kilometer new power connections, renovation of the existing 1,739 kilometer old lines, 1,123.85 crore. Power Grid Development
Rajshahi Division distribution line and substation extension and rehabilitation project will be implemented also by the Northern Electricity Supply Company (NESCO) This project will also increase the capacity by 470 MVA and some 2.35 lakh new power connections will be provided.erection of some 2,042.5 kilometer new lines, rehabilitation of some 1,411 kilometer dilapidated lines, installation of some 3,851 distribution transformers, 1,091.32 crore Power Grid Development
Syedpur 150 MW+ 10% simple cycle (HSD based) power station Taka 1,001 crore Power Station
Procurement of 70 meter
gauge diesel electric locomotives, 1st Revised
2,659.33 crore Railway
Establishment of 99 Composite Brigade for ensuring overall security to the
Padma Multipurpose Bridge
1,320.37 crore, Defense
Link Road-Laboni Circle Road into four lane 288.69 crore, Road and Transport
Construction of 103.43 meter PC girder bridge on Aricha (Boraingial)-Gheor-
Daulatpur-Tangail Road
102.43 crore, Road and Transport
switching and transmission network for strengthening digital connectivity 155.38 crore, Power Grid Development
providing 19.5 lakh power connections through
extending rural electrificatio
Taka 8,690.89 crore. Power Grid Development
Boropukuria-Bogura-Kaliakoir’ 400KV Transmission Line Project .Taka 1,424.26 crore will come from the GoB portion, Taka 153.44 crore from the organization’s own fund while the rest of Taka 1744.62 crore as project assistance under the Indian $2 billion Line of Credit. 3,322.34 crore Power Grid Development
Mirersarai Indian Economic Zone 845.83 crore Economic Zone
construction of Payra Bridge on Barishal-Patuakhali road, 2nd Revised 1,447.24 crore Road and Transport
Upgrading Mohipal-Choumuhoni portion of Feni-Noakhali National Highway into four-lane with Tak 747.09 crore, Road and Transport
development of Sindukchhari-Mohalchhari portion of Mohalchhari-Sindukchhari-Jaliapara road Taka 97.66 crore Road and Transport
procurement of necessary machineries and equipments for Mongla Port aka 433.52 crore Economic Zone
construction of residential building for the Postal Department officials and employees in Dhaka 376.73 crore Infrastructure
Flood control, water logging eradication and drainage development in Chattogram metropolitan 1,620.74 Rural Development
embankment protection of Brahmaputra River at Chilmari and Ulipur upazilas 302.60 crore Rural Development
Construction of Bridge over River Feni at Sonagazi and Mirersara Taka 662.88 crore Road and Transport
Production, protection and distribution of high quality paddy, wheat and jute seed at Farmers’ level through modern technology Taka 269.57 crore Agriculture
Capacity building of 64 technical school and colleges Taka 1,533.83 Education
Establishment of 3rd factory under Essential Drugs Company Limited at Gopalganj, 799.76 crore Health
Economic Zone dedicated for Japanese investors to be set up at Araihazar in Narayanganj 2,582.18 crore Economic Zone
constructing some 340 bridges on the upazila, union and village roads under 61 districts in all the eight divisions 1,983.07 crore Road and Transport
running capital and modernization of hand looms for the hand loom workers 158 crore Economic Zone
Root and Tuber Crops Development Project Taka 156.32 crore Agriculture
Tulshiganga Chotojamuna, Chingri and Harabati River re-excavation 123.47 crore Infrastructure
Dhaka City Neighborhood Upgrading Project Taka 880.46 crore Infrastructure
Development and Renovation of temples and religious institutions 228.69 crore Infrastructure
formulation of profiles for the students at primary level Taka 164.05 crore Education
Sheikh Hasina Nakshipalli,
Jamalpur (1st phase) Project
722 crore Economic Zone
Upgradation of Government Employees
Hospital to 500-bed P
379.96 crore Health
Upgrading specific
portion of Barishal-Bhola-Laxmipur Highway
312.48 crore Road and Transport
Development of Shariatpur (Monohorbazar)-Ibrahimpur
Ferryghat Road
aka 859.63 crore Road and Transport
Upgrading Nilphamari Domar Road, Boda-
Debiganj Road and Phulbari-Parbatipur Road
250.24 crore Road and Transport
Extension, management and production increase of citrus
126.44 crore.

conversion of Akhaura-Sylhet Meter Gauge Section of Bangladesh Railway225 kilometer existing meter gauge railway track under the Akhaura-Sylhet section would be converted into 239.14 kilomete , includes construction of 49 major and 237 minor bridges, signaling works at 22 stations, construction of 16690 square meter residential buildings 16,104.44 crore Railway
Indian Economic Zone at Mirsharai project aka 919.85 crore Economic Zone
construction of Chattogram Hill Tracts Regional Parishad Complex Construction Project Taka 244.31 crore Rural Development
Expansion of Magura-Sripur district highway 215.09 crore Road and Transport
Construction of new office building and auditorium of Khulna Divisional Commissione Taka 139.46 Infrastructure
Installation of safe and healthy dry fish processing and indoor farming research related facilities at the Dhaka and Chattogram centers of BCSIR Taka 89 crore Agriculture
BSCIC Chemical Industrial Park, Munshiganj Project with 1,615.73 crore Economic Zone
Chattogram -Feni-Bakhrabad gas transmission parallel pipeline construction project, 1st Revised, 2,479.41 crore, Power Grid Development
construction of Samaj Kalyan Bhaban Taka 74.48 crore, Infrastructure
Siddhirganj 335 MW combined cycle power plant project, 3rd Revised 3,971.29 crore, Power Station
Skills and Training Enhancement Project, 3rd Revised Taka 1,747.88 crore Economic Zone
Choralkata River Straitening and Buriteesta River Bank Protection under Nilphamari district 147.56 crore.

Rural Development

The above information is collected from various government sources – Please let us know in the comment if any wrong information is in the Table

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