26 people have been killed in India rescuers step up efforts

At least 26 people have been killed in southern India after heavy rains caused rivers to overflow, cutting off towns and villages. Five children are among the dead; there are fears that this toll could rise further as many others remain missing following days of unusually severe flooding throughout Kerala state over recent weeks-end along with several houses being washed away which left residents trapped by rapidly rising waters from overflowing streams or lakes onto higher ground elsewhere — all before a new bout hit on Friday evening.
The downpours also led authorities declare states of emergencies for some districts including Kottayam where video showed bus passengers waiting anxiously outside their stranded buses during rescue operations when suddenly they were able be briefly moved .

The Indian state of Kerala is currently experiencing a significant flooding crisis. More than 8,000 people have been trapped and are without food or shelter as military helicopters fly supplies into evacuated areas to support those who have lost everything in this natural disaster–and the government has responded with financial aid for survivors!

Kerala floods: At least 26 killed as rescuers step up efforts – BBC

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