Bank of China – Company Profile

The Bank of China Limited (BOC) is the oldest bank in China. It is the fifth-largest bank in the world for its assets and the second-largest lending institution in China. 100% owned by the central government through the Central Huijin Investment and the National Council for the Social Security Fund.From its inception until 1942, it issued banknotes on behalf of the Government. Outside of mainland China, BOC also operates in 27 countries. The Bank of China acts outside China as a private enterprise.

Name of the BankBank of China
TypePublic company
EstablishedBeijing, Republic of China (1912)
Headquarter Beijing
, People’s Republic of China
$73.23 billion
Operating income
$33.07 billion
Net income
$27.97 billion
Total assets
$3.091 trillion
Total equity
$234 billion

The main region of operations is mainland China (PRC excluding Hong Kong and Macau ), accounting for 75% of the assets and 70.5% of the group’s operating profit in 2020. Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan account for 17% of assets and 23% of operating income. The Bank of Chinas foreign network consists of 559 branches in 61 countries of the world, with the most significant presence in Canada, Great Britain and Singapore.

As of the end of 2016, the Bank of China had 37 primary branches, 326 secondary branches and 10,287 branches in mainland China, and 578 branches in 29 countries and regions overseas.


  • Central Huijin Investment: 69.265%
  • Royal Bank of Scotland- China  : 8.467%
  • Asia Financial Holdings Pte. Ltd. (a wholly owned subsidiary of Temasek ): 4.765%
  • National Council for Social Security Fund  : 4.576%
  • UBS AG: 1.366%
  • ADB  : 0.205%
  • Investors who received shares during the IPO on the Hong Kong market  : 11.356%

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