Are Bangladesh Indian ?

No Bangladeshis are not Indian. Bengal is an ancient geopolitical and cultural region in South Asia. Its name derived from 1500 BC vanga Kingdom.
Bangladesh is the land of people of Bengal. The language carries its unique identity. Bengali people are the third largest ethnic group in the world after Chinese and Arabs.

British conquered Bengal in 1757 & divided it between India and Pakistan in 1947. Pakistan Ruled Bengal Gained independence in 1971, today’s Bangladesh.
Bengali Nationalism is its primary constitutional principle .

Is Bangladesh part of India ?

No Bangladesh is not Part of India . The name India as a nation officially derived in 1947, where Bangla or Bongodesh is an ancient geopolitical nation-state in Ganges Delta. Officially or Historically Bangladesh was never part of ” India”. Bangla or Bengal is Its native Name. Before the British conquest of Bengal, it was ” Bengal Sultanate ”

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