UK to recognise Palestinian state soon, UK Foreign Secretary Lord Cameron

UK to recognise Palestinian state soon, says Foreign Secretary

Lord Cameron, the UK’s foreign secretary, has indicated the possibility of the United Kingdom formally recognizing a Palestinian state sooner than anticipated. During a visit to the Middle East, Lord Cameron emphasized the need to provide Palestinians with a political horizon to foster peace in the region. Speaking at a Westminster reception, he asserted the UK’s responsibility to outline the characteristics of a Palestinian state, stating that recognition could be considered as irreversible progress toward a two-state solution unfolds. Lord Cameron also urged Israel to permit more humanitarian support into Gaza, criticizing the rejection of essential aid at the border. This announcement suggests a potential shift in the UK’s stance on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

In a speech to the Conservative Middle East Council, Lord Cameron said the UK was ready to advance the recognition of a Palestinian state as part of its efforts to promote a two-state solution in the Middle East.

He said the UK had a duty to outline the parameters of a viable Palestinian state and to show the Palestinian people that there was “irreversible progress” towards achieving their aspirations.

He added that the UK and its allies would consider recognising a Palestinian state at the UN and other forums, if that would help to make the peace process irreversible.

Lord Cameron also called on Israel to ease the humanitarian situation in Gaza and to allow more British and other aid to reach the besieged territory.

He said Israel had failed to secure its own security and prosperity by pursuing a policy of occupation and settlement expansion.

He urged Israel to recognise its own failure and to embrace a two-state solution as the only way to ensure its long-term survival and stability.

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