Propaganda , Mass Media & War

Propaganda as a tool to create a favorable situation in conflict is as old as reliable recorded evidence exists. ‘Chanakya’in his book “Arthashastra” gave due importance in propaganda as a war fighting tool. One of the glaring examples of propaganda has been recorded during Sepoy Mutiny in 1857, where propaganda could motivate and unite Hindus and Muslims against East Indian Company. Propaganda newspaper, leaflets, rumors etcetera were extensively used during various wars in 19th and 20th century including WW I and II. Politicians, decision makers, military commanders knowing well about enemy propaganda, yet found themselves entangled into the trap of other’s propaganda. However, newspaper was a great source of intelligence to reveal information about geography, politics, military, information and intelligence, national interest, economy, commerce, etcetera.

Written by —

Colonel Md Shahedul Islam

He served as contingent member in UNIKOM and as SO in UNAMID. He is a Graduate of DSCSC, Mirpur. He has passed the Masters in Defence Studies (MDS) and Masters in Business Administration (MBA). Presently he is serving as Senior Instructor, Army Wing in DSCSC, Mirpur

Mirpur Papers, Volume 22, Issue 23, November 2016

The Extract From Mirpur Papers

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