Bangladesh is a nation closely linked with its river system and its geography & culture is influenced by the riverine delta system .Bangladesh lies in the Biggest river delta of the world – The Ganges Delta system. This is the valley stretching from the Himalayas to the sea the only region in the entire world.After flowing from its Himalayan source waters and through Bhutan, China, and India, the mighty Brahmaputra, Ganges and all her sisters empty into the Bay of Bengal.

Source the of all river of Bangladesh is Himalayan. Its the country and ancient nation thrives from Himalaya to the Bay of Bengal. From ancient times for its riverine nature, Bengal was a Sea fearing nation. Its river made its communication easy, riched its soil with Himalayan sediments

These geographical features considerably influenced movements and Political power of Ancient Bengal. 


Bangladesh’s geography is dominated by the Ganges-Brahmaputra Delta System, but the term “Ganges” is not widely used for the larger river’s main distributary within Bangladesh.

. The following are some of the major rivers in Bangladesh.

Where it flows out of Himalaya, the Ganges’ main channel becomes the Padma River. Similarly, below its confluence with the Teesta River, the main channel of the Brahmaputra River is known as the Jamuna River .

The major river of Bangladesh with length

Name of RiverDistrict Coverd by RiverMiles
Surma-MeghnaSylhet (180), Comilla (146), Barisal (90)359
Karatoya-Atrai-Gurgumari-HursagarDinajpur (161), Rajshahi (160) & Pabna (50)382
Donai-Charalkata-jamuneswari-KaratoyaRangpur (120) Bogra (98) & Pabna (62)227
Ganges-PadmaRajshahi (90) Pabna (60) Dhaka (60) & Faridpur (80)222
Garai-Madhumati-BaleswarKushtia (36) Faridpur (70) Jessore (91) Khulna (104) and Barisal (65233
Old BrahmaputraMymensingh (172)150
Brahmaputra-JamuRangpur (75) Pabna (75)94
KobadakJessore (49) Khulna (112)113
BanhshiMymensingh (123) Dhaka (25)115
GhagatRangpur (247)148
Dhanu-Boulai-GhorSylhet (68), Mymensingh (78)136
NabagangaKushtia (16) Jessore (128)144
KushiyaraSylhet (142)143
Bhogai-KangsaMymensingh (140)141
JamunaDinajpur (100) Bogra (29)56
DakatiaComilla (112) Noakhali (17)69
Little FeniNoakhali (59) Comilla (62)50
BhadraJessore (36) Khulna (84)119
Betna-KholpotuaJessore (64) Khulna (55)80
SanguChittagong (50) and Chittagong Hill Tracts (58)113
ChitraKushtia (12) Jessore (94)97
BanarFaridpur (96) Barisal (5)101
Kumar (Faridpur DiFaridpur (101)81
PunarbhabaDinajpur (50) Rajshahi (50)100
DhaleswariMymensingh (100)105
BhairabJessore (81) Khulna (18)136
MathabhangaRajshahi (10), Kushtia (87)81
Rupsa-PasurKhulna (88)41
KarnaphuliChittagong H.T. (40) Chittagong (37)100
TeestaRangpur (70)71

Source :Bangladesh Water Development Board.

Bangladesh Major River Map

Map of All River in Bangladesh
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