An Indian Men got sick from eating cow urine to prevent coronavirus !

In Kolkata, West Bengal India a local BJP leader is alleged to have fed people with cow urine on the streets.A resident of Jhargram district in West Bengal, India, got sick from eating cow urine to prevent coronavirus infection.

BJP’s national secretary Rahul Sinha told the BBC, “Many diseases can be cure by cow urine have been known since the earliest ages. If someone drinks cow Urine in that belief, it is unfair to stop it. But it is not known whether drinking cow urine can prevent coronavirus infection ”

A cow-urine drinking event in Delhi

Cow dung has many benefits. I think it can kill the coronavirus. Cow urine can also be useful.

Suman Haripriya
BJP assembly member

Doctors, on the other hand, say that not just cow urine, the waste of any animal can never benefit

The 42-year-old man, Shibu Gorai, also has to stay in the hospital for two days.He told BBC Bangla, “I bought Cow-Ark made with a bottle of cow urine . There is so much coronavirus circulating around, so many people are talking about eating Cow dung. So I also ate it. I did not feel comfortable eating. So I had to go to the hospital. “As the prevalence of coronavirus is increasing in India, some individuals and organizations are propagating the fact that cow urine can prevent the infection in many ways.

Manjit Singh, a Cow-Service organization, says, “We serve Go, but there is no scientific basis for the theory that coronavirus can be prevented by drinking cow urine. These propaganda are being carried out. There is a wrong message in the society.”

Coronavirus: Is drinking cow urine any help? -BBC

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