Bangladesh Border Guard on High Alert as India Scraps Citizenship of 1.9 Million Bengalis

In recent political Gamble by Indian Hindu nationalist BJP Government, Its scraped citizenship of its underprivileged 1.9 million Bengali living in Assam. After the announcement of controversial NRC – Bangladesh Border guard Now in high alert to foil any attempt by Indian citizens to enter Bangladesh illegally.

Indian government targeting the state’s Bengali community, a large portion of whom are Muslims. Also, significant numbers of Bengali-speaking Hindus have also been left off the citizenship list, underscoring the communal and ethnic tensions in the state. Fearing the possible loss of citizenship and detention after exclusion from the list, scores of Bengali Hindus and Muslims have killed themselves since the process to update the citizen register started in 2015, activists say

Some 1,000 people declared as foreigners earlier are already lodged in six detention centers located in prisons. Mr. Modi’s government is also building a detention center, which can hold 3,000 Bengali . Opposition parties say Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is denying citizenship to Muslims through the Assam list, and demonstrating its Hindu nationalist credentials.

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