Bangladesh Election 2018 : One of a Kind

Usually all over the world the National election held by a Government on the end of its tenure , But in Bangladesh, Its had a temporary Government system or caretaker Government . This is the first time National election to be held by elected Government .For the first time, a participatory election is going to be held without parliament being dissolved , Caretaker system was developed for conducting national elections under a neutral administration. The system was developed to make the election credible and participatory .

5, 25,72,365 Male

206,477 polling booths

1,733 candidates
from political parties

5,16,66,312 Female

40,183 voting centers

128 candidates

The Battle of Dhaka

Eight Awami leage supporter and One BNP supporter died in various clashes since the election campaign started Motorcades and campaigns of more than 50 BNP and Oikyafront candidates, including that of BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir, have come under attack across the country. So many candidates come under attack on campaign trail .

According to Washington post Retired Maj. Gen. Md. Abdur Rashid, whose think tank studies Bangladesh security issues, dismissed the idea that the arrests were politically motivated, saying instead that they were the result of outstanding warrants in the normal course of the law
“I haven’t seen any police going after anyone, but the EC (Election Commission) has not given impunity to criminals who also just happen to be political activists or candidates,” Rashid said.

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