Bangladesh’s Economy is Booming. Does Sheikh Hasina deserve the Credit?

Bangladesh has  become one of the world’s economic success stories in Recent years . Per capita income has risen nearly threefold since 2009, reaching $1,750 in 2018, achieved near self-sufficiency in food production for its 166 million-plus population .The Sheikh Hasina lead Government took power in 2009. Now Bangladesh  Named as one of the Next Eleven Economy & ranks 43rd in terms of nominal GDP , 29th in terms of purchasing power parity . Earlier this year, Bangladesh Achieved economic milestone by graduating from “least developed country” to “developing economy” .
Sheikh Hasina ,  The Current Prime Minister of Peoples Republic of Bangladesh Said in an interview with Nikkei Asian Review in December

“Exiting LDC status gives us some kind of strength and confidence, which is very important,
not only for political leaders but also for the people,
When you are in a low category, naturally when you discuss terms of projects and programs,
you must depend on others’ mercy.
But once you have graduated, you don’t have to depend on anyone because you have your own rights.” 

The Poverty of Bangladesh Shrunk from 19% to 9 % in Her Time of Premiership 2009 to 2018 .

Per Capita Income witness a Boost after 2010 and Rapid growth rate compared to Historical Data . 

Sheikh Hasina ,  The Current Prime Minister of Peoples Republic of Bangladesh & Head of Bangladesh Biggest Political Party ,

Foreign Direct Investment nearly tripled during Hasina’s nine years in office, from $961 million in fiscal 2008 to nearly $3 billion in the year to June 30,

Bangladesh’s exports of software and IT services reached nearly $800 million in the year to June 30 and are on track to exceed $1 billion this fiscal year. The government’s target of reaching $5 billion in ICT-related exports by 2021

Does Sheikh Hasina deserve the Credit?

The political opposition or some expert may try to evaluate the achievement in different way . But History and those economic indicator say The leadership of a Country is sole responsible for its failure and achievement .  Time will Honor The leader who tried to Change the economic and Social culture of Our Sonar Bangla . 
Sheikh Hasina The Daughter of Bangladesh First Leader and  Father of the Nation  Sheikh Mujibur Rahman  . She is the Second survivor of a  Brutal   Murder of all of her Family Member .  She is the only living World Leader  who lost all of her family member in an single day .  

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