Biman Makes 32 Million Profit in 2019 while 23 Million Loss in 2018

In a remarkable twist of Bangladesh Flag Carrier ” Bangladesh Biman ” made its USD 32 Million Dollar profit in 2018-19 . while it was incurred a loss of around Taka 23 Million in 2017-2018fiscal. Biman’s expenditure was 657 Million against its income of USD
689.4–resulting in a net profit of 32.38 million usd in 2018-2019 fiscal . The current MD and CEO of the Biman Farhat Hassan Jamil. Bangladesh Biman made the profit after paying Bangladesh Petroleum Corporation (BPC) for fuel and Civil Aviation Authority, Bangladesh
(CAAB) for different charges. Biman has received it’s 3rd Boeing 878-8 Dreamliner
while the fourth and last Dreamliner is scheduled to arrive here on September.

Bangladesh Biman Flight Rate

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