Many Afghan Traveling without Passports and Visas

Thousands of civilians are desperately trying to flee Afghanistan after the Taliban regained power. Desperate to save their lives and for a better future in the USA , people are trying to leave Afghanistan from Kabul airport without a passport visa, according to various media reports. 

Meanwhile, some countries have opened their doors to give shelter to desperate Afghans. Some countries have erected barbed wire fences at the border to prevent refugees. Some countries have again introduced special visa programs for at-risk Afghan nationals.

Meanwhile, the UK has allowed Afghan asylum seekers to enter the UK without a passport. British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace confirmed the news. 

The refugee situation in Afghanistan has taken a terrible turn since the Taliban took power. 

In recent times, about 2.2 million Afghans have sought refuge in neighboring countries. More than 35 lakh people have been displaced within the country.

But most people have not been able to leave Afghanistan through conventional borders, a spokesman for the UN High Commissioner for Refugees said.

Several countries, including Iran, the United States, Canada, Australia, and Germany, are sheltering Afghan nationals.

However, since 2015, European countries have been struggling to cope with the influx of refugees. Several countries, including Turkey, Greece and Austria, have said they are not in a position to provide new asylum to Afghan refugees. Even Turkey and Greece have erected barbed wire fences and walls along the border to prevent the influx of Afghan refugees.

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