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Tesla has withdrawn its self-driving beta over software issues.

Tesla has withdrawn its latest “full self-driving” car software update after drivers reported problems with the safety alerts sounding, despite no danger present. The company’s CEO Elon Musk said there were some issues but this was to be expected in beta versions of new products and services being released for public use on an initial basis before being perfected over time through customer feedback or data analysis.”A few hours earlier,” according to reports from CNBC reporter Steve Kopack, Mr Musk announced that they would have delayed releasing their next version because quality assurance team had found regression when making left turns at traffic lights during testing sessions–a problem which could lead people not knowing how close it is safe enough if suddenly hit by another vehicle turning onto your side

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Tesla announced that they are withdrawing their self-driving beta over software issues. The company is working to fix the issue and will be rolling out a new update when it’s ready. Tesla owners can’t use the driver assistance features until the repair is complete, but they’ll still have access to other safety features like emergency braking and lane departure warning.
The company said it would make an announcement about when those drivers could expect to see a “fix” later this week. In a statement released on Wednesday, Tesla said: “We’re sorry for any inconvenience this causes our customers.”

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Safty concern about beta-test new software

Thatcham Research, which conducted safety tests for motor insurers in the UK and has been critical of Tesla’s move to beta-test new software with real-world drivers. “The problem you have as a company trying out something like this is that your customers are going to be guinea pigs,” said Matthew Avery director at Thatcham referring specifically about semi autonomous features on vehicles
“There will undoubtedly be some misunderstandings or people getting it wrong.” There could potential accidents because these cars come without anyone behind wheel making them more susceptible than traditional models when issues arise during operation such as traffic signs being obscurely visible due foggy conditions outside resulting into user error setting off automatic emergency braking too late thereby causing collision

Elon Musk’s Tesla reports record sales and profits

Despite being hit with worldwide supply chain issues and the microchip shortage, Tesla managed to report record quarterly sales of 241,391 cars. Revenues rose by 20% from last year’s third quarter which was largely due in part because they reached higher volume production this time around thanks to their lithium-ion battery Gigafactory operation at Nevada’s Reno Technology Park – South complex located near interstates 595 & 395 where it has been producing cells for over two years now.
CEO Elon Musk “We achieved our best ever net income operating profit gross margin” said he is confident about market demand even through some disruptions like recently reported fires involving vehicles manufactured by competitor Toyota Motor Corp (TMC

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