Myanmar’s Publicity stunt of Rohingya Repatriating

As on April 14, 2018, Myanmar government claimed that they started the repetition of Rohingya Muslim refugees in Bangladesh by taking a five-member family from the no man’s land of Bangladesh Mayanamar Border.
It seems like a publicity stunt and no positive willingness to take back 7000000 Rohingya Muslim living miserably in Bangladesh refugee camp.

Myanmar and Bangladesh agreed in January to complete a voluntary repatriation of the refugees in two years. Myanmar set up two reception centres and what it says is a temporary camp near the border in Rakhine to receive the first arrivals.


The willingness of Myanmar government to take back that Rohingya Refugees is in question.Myanmar government do not show respect to the international organizations and do not bother to hear the call from Bangladesh government.  they took back 5 people from the No Man’s Land of the border and branded it as they started the refugee repatriation program what was a lie.

Bangladesh government rejected the claim  by Myanmar government that they started the repetition in western Rakhine state.


in a response to the PR scam, the home minister of Bangladesh Asaduzzaman Khan  said

” I hope Myanmar will take over your peoples back within the shortest possible time

Bangladesh’s refugee, relief and repatriation commissioner, Abul Kalam, said the Rohingya family involved had never crossed the border.

“By no definition can this be called repatriation,”No repatriation has taken place. Bangladesh is no way part of it.


According to U.N. officials, nearly 700,000 Rohingya have fled into Bangladesh from Rakhine to escape a military crackdown since August, amid reports of murder, rape and arson by Myanmar troops and Buddhist vigilantes which the United Nations has likened to “ethnic cleansing”.

Already the Cox Bazar district of Bangladesh is facing social economical problem for this excess Refugee population. the mass destruction of forest lands in Cox Bazar and destruction of hilly lands what creating the problem of movement of wild animals like elephant and hampering the old ecosystem.

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