Google and Its Undersea Cloud Future

The internet Giant  Google recently announced that it’s will be developing some undersea submarine cable to expand its clouds business.  Google already one of the biggest private optical fiber network developer in the world.

Google and its service Already handle roughly 40% of all internet traffic.  Already majority uses Google Maps for navigation Google Earth for the research and the Gmail for online communication. the biggest search engine And one of the most valuable brands in the world.

Google mother company Alphabet Inc already have submarine cable network what’s already handling 25 percent of the world internet traffic.

In 2008 google invested in a submarine cable project called unity from United States  To Japan . Its already invested 30 million in its cloud infrastructure last 3 years to compete with its competitor Microsoft and Amazon. 

Google already has 6200 miles submarine cable, Los Angeles to Chile finished in 2015.

The new undersea cable system will have 2400 Mile connection from Hong Kong to Guam.

A  4509 link between the east coast of USA to Ireland le

After completing these undersea cables, Goole will be on of the biggest private Submarine cable networking company in the world.

Google competitor  Microsoft and Amazon they haven’t started any kind of project like This

Beyond the programming and search algorithm, Google is now on the internet cloud.  it means in future not only as search engine provider, as well as most of the online activity and lot of website will be on the Google server.

In cloud service industry, Amazon, Microsoft, and Google is the market leader. After this undersea cables project is complete, Google will be able to offer faster cloud experience at low price eventually what will give a headache to its competitor.

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