Agricultural Bank of China – Company Profile and history

The Agricultural Bank of China is the third largest Chinese bank  and in terms of assets its the third largest bank in the world . The largest shareholders are the state investment company Huijin (40.03%) and the Ministry of Finance of the PRC (39.21%) . 

The earliest origin of the Agricultural Bank of China was the ” Chinese Farmers Bank ” , which was renamed in 1935 . In March 1955, the State Council approved the establishment of the Agricultural Bank of China .In March 1955, it was renamed the Agricultural Bank of China, but in 1957 it became part of the PRC’s central bank

NameAgricultural Bank of China
Former namesAgricultural Cooperative Bank
LocationChina :Beijing
Key figuresGu Shu ( Chairman of the Board )Wang Jindong ( Chairman of the Supervisory Board ) [1]
IndustryBanking ( ISIC : 6419 )
Products and servicesLoansInsurance
EquityRMB 2.205 trillion$ 338.2 billion (2020) [2]
Turnover▲ RMB 659.33 billion$ 101.1 billion (2020)
Operating profit▲ RMB265.05 billion$ 40.65 billion (2020)
Net profit▲ RMB216.4 billion$ 33.19 billion (2020)
Assets▲ RMB27.205 trillion$ 4.173 trillion (2020)
CapitalizationRMB1,131 trillion$ 173 billion (14.06.2021)
Number of employees▼ 459 thousand (2020)
AuditorPricewaterhouseCoopers Zhong Tian LLP
number of workers496,698 (2016) [1]
Major shareholderCentral Huijin Investment Co., Ltd. (40.03%)Ministry of Finance of the People’s Republic of China (35.29%)Hong Kong Securities Clearing (Nominees) Limited (9.03%)National Council of Social Security Fund (6.09%)
Major subsidiariesABC-CA Fund Management Co., Ltd.ABC International Holdings LimitedABC Financial Leasing Co., Ltd.Agricultural Bank of China Life Insurance Co., Ltd.ABC Finance Co., Ltd.
Overseas subsidiaryRural Bank of China
Payment system bank numberHead Office Business Department: 103100000018Fund Clearing Center: 103100000026
Security IDCNE100000Q43CNE100000RJ0
SWIFT identification codeABOCCNBJ
WKN identification codeA1C024

Agricultural Bank of China was used as a professional bank to support rural economic construction and reform. On June 1, 1984, the Agricultural Bank of China introduced the first loan from the World Bank.As of the end of 2016, the Agricultural Bank of China had 23,682 branches in mainland China . ABC has 320 million retail customers, 2,700,000 corporate clients . ABC went public in mid-2010, taking the world’s largest initial public offering (IPO) .

The Agricultural Bank of China posted 8% of its shares (25.24 billion shares of class H) on the stock exchange in Hong Kong at a price of 3.2 Hong Kong dollars per share, and in Shanghai – 7 percent (22.2 billion shares of Class A) at 2.68 yuan per share. As a result, the bank managed to attract more than $ 19.2 billion


ABC-CA Fund Management Co., Ltd. – an investment fund management company; founded in 2008, share of 51.67%; assets – 3.3 billion yuan.

ABC International Holdings Limited is a subsidiary established in Hong Kong in 2009 to deal with securities and capital markets; assets – HK $ 43.45 billion.

ABC Financial Leasing Co., Ltd. – a leasing company founded in 2010; assets – 45.6 billion yuan.

ABC Life Insurance Co., Ltd. – an insurance company, 51% of the shares of which belong to the bank; assets – 84 billion yuan.

China Agricultural Finance Co., Ltd. Is a Hong Kong subsidiary.

ABC Financial Asset Investment Company Limited – operations with securities; assets – 33.45 billion yuan.

Agricultural Bank of China (UK) Limited is a subsidiary in the UK with assets of USD 100 million.

Agricultural Bank of China (Luxembourg) Limited – a subsidiary in Luxembourg with assets of USD 25 million; provides treasury and wholesale banking services.

Agricultural Bank of China (Moscow) Limited, a subsidiary in Russia with assets of USD 180 million; provides wholesale banking services

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