Âdam  is believed to have been the first human being originated “from specific acts of divine creation” . Adam is the center of Creation Theory and Intelligence Design . According to Abrahamic Text Adam or Human being did not Originated on Earth .Adam was created by the Basic element of earth but the creation event took place Elsewhere .  In a sense Human is Alien to the Planet Earth . A simple and Primary contradiction to Evaluation theory . 

According to Quran Adam or Human Being is superior or critically different than other creation of God . After the Creation of Adam God asked all angels and Jinn to Bow down on Adam . Angel asked why Adam is so much respected , Than God Asked some question to all his creation , Everybody failed to answer  Without Adam . For, No a One angel or Jinn Refused to bow down to Adam as he is an inferior creation of God . 

Despite Angel   And Jin is made of light or fire and superior than Adam . The uniqueness of Adam is the knowledge or the power to evaluate Data in an information .

The First Human Adam and His Companion was Created by supreme being The creator .

The Creation of Adam conveys messages to the humanity from the all-powerful The Only ” God ” who created the Universe for a reason, created Humans to explore the free will of knowledge and understanding.

And Human is not the only creation

  is in Nature did not originated on earth . World Most establish religion Jewish , christian and Muslim belied In the First Human being Called Adam . 

or Aadam (Arabic: آدم‎, translit. ʾĀdam(Hebrew: אָדָם, Tiberian: ʼĀḏām; Arabic: آدَم‎,ʾĀdam; Greek: Αδάμ, Latin: Adam)


1Name Adam
2 Additional Name The First name / The first Human / Prophet Adam / All-father /
3Gender Male
4Affiliation Abrahamic Religion / Religion
5Job Titleitemprop=”none “

7Birth date 1/1/1
8 Birth Place Alien ( Somewhere in the Universe)
9Given Name Asraful Makhlukat
10 Member of  Humanity
11 Alumni of Divine intelligence
12Alumni of Divine Knowledge
13alumni of Divine Lesson
14Award   n/A
15Follows Divine Guideline
16Description The First Human Beings Created By God 
18Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adam
19FacebookDo not exist
23Related Divine Guideline
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