Beximco & Rahman Brothers

Beximco is one of the top most private Bangladeshi companies,

Bangladesh has been on a path of constant growth ever since the Liberation war brought independence to the country in 1971. With nothing but land, labor, and citizen grit, the country built itself up to be known as an example of growth and development across the world today. Although the journey has registered contributions from multiple avenues, Beximco Group has showcased a much-needed consistent growth in the overall development of country via manufacturing, exports, and GDP contributions.The Bangladesh Export Import Company Limited, commonly known by its trade name BEXIMCO . Beximco is the Bangladesh’s largest conglomerate with an annual turnover of USD 1 billion . BEXIMCO is the largest employer in the private sector in Bangladesh and employs over 70,000 people worldwide.BEXIMCO encompasses one of South Asia’s largest vertically integrated textile and garment companies. Sohail Rahman is the Chairman and founder of Beximco Group .Salman F Rahman is the Vice Chairman and Co Founder . In 2005, Beximco Pharma became the first Bangladeshi company to list on the Alternative Investment Market of the London Stock Exchange.

Number of employees~65,000 to 70,000
SubsidiariesBeximco Pharma
Independent Television
Beximco Pharma
Beximco Synthetics Ltd.
Bangladesh Export Import Co. Ltd. – Textiles & Apparel Division
Shinepukur Ceramics
Beximco Petroleum Ltd.
Beximco Power Company Ltd.
Beximco Engineering Limited
Beximco Computers Ltd.
Beximco Securities Limited
Beximco Communications Ltd. (DTH)
Westin Hotels (Bangladesh)


The Success Story of Beximco & Rahman Brothers

BEXIMCO was founded in the 1970’s by two brothers – Ahmed Sohail Fasiur Rahman and Salman Fazlur Rahman. Beximco started out as a seafood and crushed bones exporter to various foreign markets. However, instead of taking the cash payment of the deal, Rahmans opted for pharmaceutical import worth the same amount. This came after the immediate need of Bangladesh for pharmaceuticals and lack of local supply. A few years later, Beximco marked the beginning of its expansion with a pharmaceutical division, Beximco Pharmaceuticals, to meet the local demands.

Dhaka Stock Exchange – Beximco Profile

Performance at DSE on 8 Apr, 2019

Name of the CompanyMarket Cap. (BDT. mn)Market Cap. (USD. mn)% of Total market Cap.
Bangladesh Export Import Co. Ltd.19,016.12243.950.47%
Beximco Pharmaceuticals Limited33,742.30432.870.84%
Shinepukur Ceramics Limited1,925.2624.70.05%
Beximco Synthetics Limited528.956.790.01%

Over the next two decades, the company enhanced its machinery, staff, and research sector, which enabled it to meet the local requirements as well as gradually begin developing a portfolio of pharmaceuticals that can be exported. Setting up the global presence of Bangladesh, there are eight products of Beximco Pharmaceuticals, after drug administrative authority approval, currently present in the US market along with substantial presence in Canada and Europe. A top Bangladeshi company, Beximco and its subsidiaries have played a major role in establishing and developing the international presence of Bangladesh.

(From Left) Mr. Salman F Rahman, Vice Chairman, Beximco Group; Mr. A S F Rahman, Chairman, Beximco Group;

With the guidance and expertise of the dynamic Bangladeshi businessman, Salman F Rahman, Beximco is currently counted in one of the leading conglomerates of the country that deals in various industries including textiles, marine food, hospitality, construction, information and communication technologies, real estate development, media, ceramics, trading, pharmaceuticals, financial services and energy. Along with 17 private companies, its four public traded companies include Shinepukur Ceramics Limited, Bangladesh Export Import Company Limited, Beximco Pharmaceuticals Limited, and Beximco Synthetics Limited.

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