Bank Name The International Finance Investment and Commerce Bank Limited
Status: Active
Bank Holding Company  Government of Bangladesh  32.75%
Directors and Sponsors 8.33%
local & foreign and General Shareholders 58.92%
Date Established   1976
Bank Charter Classprivate commercial bank 
Regulator  Bangladesh Bank
Ownership Type Public Limited Company
Total assets / Authorized Capital BDT. 40,000.00 million
Headquarters IFIC Tower, 61 Purana Paltan GPO Box : 2229, Dhaka-1000,Bangladesh
Number of Branches / Locations148 Branches
Number of employees 2,556
Basic Functions Personal Banking-Amar account, Shohoj Account,Aagami, Amar Bari, Saving Accounts,Current Accounts, Pension Saving Scheme, Fixed Deposit, Digital Banking, Business Banking, Locker Service,Remittance Service,Student File, NRB Accounts, SMS Banking, Various Loans Etc.
Customer Complient09666716250
IFIC Bank-Profile

IFIC Tower

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