Islamic Research University For Qawmi Madrasah Graduates in Bangladesh : DGFI in Favor

As Madrasa students tends to involve in various extremist activity and the Education sector lack proper management and authoritative control .
The Qawmi education system ruled the Religious education system of Bangladesh and today’s all Islamic religious scholar , leader or preacher roam the country had a Qawmi madrasa education .

The Military intelligence agency DGFI proposed to the education ministry earlier in 2010 to establish a Islamic research University under Government Control . The DGFI sent the report to the Then education minister Nurul Islam Nahid with recommendations for establishing a separate university for Qawmi Madrasah Graduates . The aim of setting up the Qawmi University is to stop militant activities in the country, according to the DGFI report, a copy of which has been obtained by The Independent in 2010. This will also help update the
Qawmi education system, it added.

Madrasahs under the Bangladesh Qawmi education board by level

LevelAnalogue/description# of Schools*
Sanaria ammahsecondary1000
Mutawassitahlower secondary2000
Tahfeez ul Quranmemorisation of the Qur’an2000

To examine the feasibility of modernising the Qawmi education system, a delegation comprising an education affairs director of the US Embassy and MA Hye, an initiator of the “Bangladesh Qawmi Islami University,” have recently visited Jameya Al Islamiya Patiya in Chittagong,” said the military intelligence report titled “Madrasa Education in Bangladesh.

Master’s Status for Top Qawmi Degree in 2018

On April 11 2018, the prime minister Sheikh Hasina had announced that Dawra certificates would be recognized as equivalent to master’s degrees. Then the education ministry issued a circular to this end. Besides, it formed a committee led by Islamic scholar Ahmed Shafi, with the chairman of Befaqul Madarisil Arabia Bangladesh, to facilitate the recognition of Master’s Status for Top Qawmi Degree.

Why Its Important ?

This is the education system still not under the Government Radar and Its curricula is vastly without Modern research and educational Material . If Government start a University aiming Qwami Madrasa graduate for higher studies in Quran and Islamic Law , This university can produce quality world class research about Islamic theology and History . The combination of old educational system with new twentieth century political Islam can produce person and Information for grater good of the Nation and the world .

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