?? MV Modhumoti Sailing to Kolkata After 72 Years of Partition . Dhaka – Koklata Cruise in Its Maiden Journey

MV MADHUMOTI ,750 pax PASSENGER SHIP Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Corp

After the heartbreaking Partition of Bengal in 1947 , when one nation was divided between two Hybrid Religious based Test-tube Nation ” India and Pakistan ” The MV Modhumoti sailing towards its native water , The Cruise from Dhaka to its Sister City Kolkata . The land and water Is Native to the people but divided by imposed boundary called International Border .

BIWTC’s vessel “MV Madhumoti” is scheduled to sail from the VIP terminal at Pagla Ghat at 7pm carrying Kolkata-bound passengers.

Modhumoti cruise is expected to reach Kolkata at 12 noon of March 31,
roaming Barishal-Mongla-Sundarbans-Antyhara of Khulna and Holdia route of India.


  1. Length X Breadth X Depth: 75.50m X 12.50m X 3.00m
  2. Capacity: 750 passengers
  3. Speed: 13.6 knots
  4. Engine Power: 2 X 110 BHP@800RPM (Yanmar 6N21)
  5. Design: Marine Consultants, India
  6. Reg: Department of Shipping, Bangladesh
  7. Flag: Bangladesh ??
  8. Route: Inland River Route
  9. Build Year: 2013

The ship, which is 75.50 meters long and 12.50 meters wide, was constructed at a cost of Tk 26.58 crore by Western Marine Shipyard under the supervision of the Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Corporation (BIWTC) and it is capable of accommodating 750 passengers


The leading Shipbuilder of Bangladesh Western Marine Shipyard Built the 750 Passenger Cruise ship Capable of reaching 13 knots per hour . Madhumati’ has four VIP family suites for luxury travel while 18 first-class single family suites, 34 first-class double cabins, four first-class single cabins and 42 second-class chair.

In order to make the maiden cross border cruise service historical, an
inaugural ceremony will be held at Pagla VIP Ghat Mary Anderson, Narayanganj.Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal, home minister, will inaugurate the event as the chief guest.

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