A confusing Mobile Court Now In High Court

A High Court bench of Bangladesh asked some respondent to explain why a sentence by A mobile court should not be scrapped and why legal action should not be taken against those involved a sentence  given by Mobile court run by a magistrate .  It has been seen as a major violation of law done by the mobile court in recent years.

The high court also asked why the victim will be not given 20 lakh as a compensation. The convicted is now in bail.


The story started when a  45 years old md Bilal Hossain was arrested by louhajong  Thana police in Chittagong on October 13 last year in the criminal case and was produced before the trial court in the port city on October 14 .  and strangely it seems like that on the same day he also produced before a mobile court and the mobile Court sentenced him to 8 months for possessing some Cannabis.


The home secretary  said that regarding this matter ” mobile court can sentence people after finding them guilty on the spot meaning the executive magistrate must be present during the occurrence of the  crime

But sentence through a connected mobile ko where he was already in police custody clearly against the constitution. about the incident the  UNO Mahaboob said he sentenced Bilal after police and locals caught him while smoking Cannabis.


The following write petition in High Court before the High Court bench of justice Syed Mohammed Dastagir Hussain and just takes MD ataur Rahman Khan ordered the UNO and police officers concerned to appear before it on January 28.




This confusing case of sentencing by mobile  Court when the convict was in police custody was a major violation of rule of law.   January 28 in the High Court about this matter will give us a better insight what happened in that situation.

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