Bangladesh Approved the trial of Chinese Coronavirus Vaccine

The Bangladesh government has approved the trial of a vaccine manufactured by Chinese company Synovac in Bangladesh.The government thinks that, it will get one lakh pieces of vaccine free of cost and will get priority to purchase more required number of vaccines. Apart from that, Bangladesh has very strong friendly relations with the Chinese government. All things considered, the China Vaccine Company Synovac  has been allowed to participate in the trial.The trial will involve 4,200 volunteers and half of them will be vaccinated, health officials said

Health and Family Welfare Minister Zahid Malek made the remarks at a press briefing after a meeting on the vaccine trial and its progress at the Health Ministry’s meeting room at the Secretariat on Thursday.

Zahid Malek said, “A policy decision has been taken on vaccine trial to prevent corona. If any other country, including India, shows interest in the vaccine trial, the government will be sincere in verifying and approving its effectiveness. Earlier, the Chinese company had approved the vaccine trial after conducting various analyzes on the effectiveness of the government’s application through ICDDR, B to participate in the vaccine trial in the country. ‘

Regarding the approval of the vaccine trial, the Health Minister said that the Chinese company has been requesting us for the trial through ICDDR, B for the last few months. The government has done all sorts of tests on their vaccines. The company has already started trials in Indonesia. The trial is in its infancy in several countries, including Turkey.

He said that they (China Company) have put Bangladesh at the top of their list from the very beginning.

Replying to a question on whether the trial of any other country will be held in Bangladesh or not, the Health Minister said that at present 8 companies are in the final stage of vaccine trial. If the companies show interest in trial in Bangladesh, Bangladesh will consider it.

Asked about Bangladesh’s interest in buying vaccines, Malek said, “Bangladesh will get some vaccines for free in proportion to its per capita income.” However, the government will not just sit and get free vaccines. The government will not lag behind in purchasing vaccines.

Health Minister Zahid Malek was also present at the meeting, Secretary of the Department of Health Services. Abdul Mannan, Director General of the Department of Health, Prof. Abul Basar Mohammad Khurshid Alam, Director General of the Department of Drug Administration, Major General. Mahbubur Rahman, Director of IDCR, B, Program Manager of EPI, Senior Scientific Officer of ICDDR, B. Firdausi Kaderi, Dr. Khaliquzzaman, Dr. Tajul Islam Bari is prominent.

Chinese Ambassador Li Kimming took part in the meeting through online ‘Zoom’.

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