Bangladesh Air Force orders KRONOS LAND Radar System From Leonardo

Bangladesh Air Force ordered undisclosed number of of Kronos Land 3D radar systems from Italian company  Leonardo . The KRONOS land is a Mobile 3D, multifunctional radar system to support air
and coastal defense . It detects and tracks any type of air and maritime threat, such as high speed missiles, low level UAVs, hovering helicopters, rockets and artillery blasts from offensive gunfire, as well as vessels and small and highly manoeuvrable surface targets .

Operating bandC-Band
Antenna technologyActive Full Phased Array, TX/RX solid-state modules
Antenna rotation speed60rpm
Electronic scanning capability±45° Az, ±60° El
Surveillance rangeUp to 250Km
Tracking update rateUp to 1 second
Elevation coverageUp to 85° in tracking . Up to 70° in surveillance
Number of tracks300 (maximum)
IFF modes, 2, 3/A, C, S, and secure modes
Navigation aidnertial Navigation System and GPS
BITERun-time fault identifcation and location
ECCMAutomatic frequency selection Up to 4 tracks on jammer updated every second
Side lobe blanking
Low peak emitting power

The radar system is fits within an 20ft
volume. It is transportable by standard commercial trucks, helicopter, aircraft, ship or train. The air surveillance radar system has a low chance of being detected by LPI (Low Probability Intercept), which can still detect aircraft targets with a total of 0-5,000 feet.

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