History of Bangladesh

Governments of Bangladesh & its GDP

This is the detail list of Bangladesh various government formed since its declaration of Independence . The mentioned date is the forming date of the Government . The GDP data collected from world bank data center . No Governments of Bangladesh Date GDP 1 Provisional Government of Bangladesh – April 17, 1971 GDP: $ 8.75 B …

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Why United Bengal Was Divided?

Bengal was conquered by the British in 1757 in the Battle of Plassey. Nawab of Bengal Sirajuddaula was defeated and the way was paved for the establishment of British rule in India. Bengal was the center of British rule in South Asia. The conquest of Bengal made significant contributions to the Industrial Revolution in Britain. The …

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Bangalee Nation

The unity and solidarity of the Bangalee nation, which, deriving its identity from its language and culture, attained sovereign and independent Bangladesh through a united