Bengali Nationalism

Are Bangladesh Indian ?

Bengal is an ancient geopolitical and cultural region in South Asia. Its name derived from 1500 BC vanga Kingdom.
Bangladesh is the land of people of Bengal. The language carries its unique identity. Bengali people are the third largest ethnic group in the world after Chinese and Arabs.

Why United Bengal Was Divided ?

United Bengal United BengalĀ is a political ideology for a unifiedĀ Bengali-speakingĀ nation inĀ South Asia. The ideology developed amongĀ Bengali nationalistsafter theĀ first partition of BengalĀ in 1905. TheĀ British-ruledĀ Bengal PresidencyĀ was divided intoĀ Western BengalĀ andĀ Eastern Bengal and AssamĀ to weaken theĀ independence movement; after much protest Bengal was reunited in 1911. The United Bengal proposal was the bid made by the BengaliPrime MinisterHuseyn Shaheed Suhrawardy and nationalist …

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Bangalee Nation

The unity and solidarity of the Bangalee nation, which, deriving its identity from its language and culture, attained sovereign and independent Bangladesh through a united