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Boeing AH-64 Apache For Bangladesh Confirmed

The Boeing Apache dubbed as the world most advance Multi-role attack helicopter is now on the way to join Bangladesh Armed Forces Inventory . Most probably the Apache fleet will Join Bangladesh Army Aviation Group – The  the army aviation unit of the Bangladesh Army. . Bangladesh will be 17th country to operate this advance attack Helicopter . […]

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Bangladesh Military News

Bangladesh Air Force orders KRONOS LAND Radar System From Leonardo

Bangladesh Air Force ordered undisclosed number of of Kronos Land 3D radar systems from Italian company  Leonardo . The KRONOS land is a Mobile 3D, multifunctional radar system to support air and coastal defense . It detects and tracks any type of air and maritime threat, such as high speed missiles, low level UAVs, hovering

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Bangladesh Military News

Sorry Russia! Its Eurofighter Typhoon

Bangladesh’s Air Force released its tender to procure multi-role combat aircraft in 2017. The requirement indicates that the BAF is open to the incorporation of Western NATO standard aircraft, and Russian Multirole fighter system. Multirole is one aircraft with both major roles, a primary air-to-air combat role, and a secondary role like air-to-surface attack. The Bangladesh

Bangladesh Military News

Bangladesh Air Force to Receive Five C-130J Hercules In 2019

According to Janes weekly Bangladesh Airforce to receive five UK-surplus Lockheed Martin C-130J Hercules transport aircraft by the end of 2019. The Lockheed Martin C-130J Super Hercules is a four-engine turboprop military transport aircraft. The C-130J is an update of the Lockheed C-130 Hercule. The Super Hercules has been used extensively by the USAF and

Bangladesh Military News

Bangladesh Air Force to get Eurofighter Typhoon, Sukhoi Su-30 & MiG-35.

Bangladesh Air Force to procure 12 Su-30 SME and 32 MiG-35 fighter aircraft for its aging Fleet. The Air Force also wants to diversify its defense equipment sourcing and has put emphasis on procuring NATO-standard military equipment. The Air Force is seeking to bolster its air combat capabilities through the induction of new generation state-of-the-art

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Bangladesh Armed Forces

Bangladesh Armed force is result of Revolutionary Bengali Nationalist movement and Armed resistance against foreign occupation of peoples of Bengal in 1971 . After conquering Bengal in 1757 by diplomacy rather than war , British faced Most of the armed resistance and highest causality in the Bengal presidency in its 200 years of Rule.  When

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Bangladesh Military News

UK-Lockheed Martin Hercules Aircraft in Bangladesh Airforce

On 10 May 2018  Bangladesh Airforce Confirmed acquisition of two UK-surplus Lockheed Martin C-130J Hercules transport aircraft form Royal Airforce of United Kingdom. The deal was announced by the Marshall Aerospace and Defence Group on 10 May. Bangladesh armed force witness rapid modernization under the leadership of countries founding father,s Daughter Sheikh Hasina’s AL Government. Bangladesh Now operates two

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